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Heads up decoy for Caribou?
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razorsharp 08-Jul-14
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razorsharp 08-Jul-14
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From: razorsharp
I wonder if a deer or cow elk H.U.D. would work for stalking into bow range?

From: TradbowBob
I never tried it, but you would probably do ok with a doe. Caribou are pretty curious, and the doe would look a lot like a calf.


From: razorsharp
Couldn't hurt.

From: GRoe
Could work...caribou is on the radar.

From: tatonka
I bet it would work very well.... Maybe a Montana Antelope decoy? Light and easy to carry and the light colored rearend just might duke a caribou... The ones I saw last fall were very, very curious..

From: APauls
I've had a number of friends decoy them in by holding a rifle on their head, so ya.... that would be one step up.

From: StormCloud
Ive hunted caribou several times. I didn't find them curious at all. The moment they seen movement they hauled as_ ! Im thinking the element of surprise is best and forget the rest. Im guessing as soon as they seen something strange they would be at the next zip code. We did see wolf and grizzly where we hunted. That could have made them skittish.??

From: Nick Muche
I'd advise against anything unnatural at all, just get in front of them and wait. I don't know half of what the rest of these guys know, but I do know what worked for me and a decoy wouldn't have been sensible.

From: Bigpizzaman
I actually tried on a Mountain Caribou hunt, used a cow Elk. The cows came with-in 40 yards the Bull was skittish and stayed out of range. I wouldn't use it again.

I def think it is worth a TRY. I hunted caribou on six hunts/regions/subspecies and at times SOME caribou appear to be curious animals.

I wish I would had the decoy thought about trying it on an October Yukon migration hunt when I saw thousands of caribou...and the bulls seemed to be always fighting or seeking cows nonstop!

From: razorsharp
Yeah, not sure if it would be worth the extra weight and hassle.

From: prezboys
I had one on a hunt with Hunterdad, like bigpizzaman and razorsharp. Not worth it!!!

From: Matt
The one and only caribou I killed caught us getting to an intercept point and ran in to check us out - with unfortunate results.

From: turkeyhunter

turkeyhunter's embedded Photo
turkeyhunter's embedded Photo
For woodland caribou we use white pillow case.

From: TEmbry
I agree with Nick... A decoy would be a wasted effort IMO. I have very limited time chasing them, but we DID at least dabble with decoying (Montana Bou Decoy) and found the same as him... Anything unnatural and they were high tailing it out of there from my experience.

Could it help gain you the split second to get a shot off once in bow range and the animal busts you? Possibly... the problem is with the lack of cover on the tundra, it's hard to imagine a scenario where you would get busted at the last second well within bow range but somehow stay hidden for the rest of the approach.

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