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How about an Antelope Video? GOOD LUCK!
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Charlie Rehor 11-Aug-14
writer 11-Aug-14
Charlie Rehor 11-Aug-14
Shiloh 11-Aug-14
Paul@thefort 11-Aug-14
Rocking R 11-Aug-14
Stinkbait1 11-Aug-14
drycreek 11-Aug-14
primitve 12-Aug-14
Medicinemann 15-Jun-15
trackman 15-Jun-15
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Dwitt2n 15-Jun-15
midwest 15-Jun-15
Teeton 15-Jun-15

Almost time to get after them! Good Luck!

From: writer
Neat video, thanks for sharing.

Curious about the shot distance? That buck really did some dropping at the string.

Big wound, too. Broadhead?


writer: The shot was 18 yards my poundage was 55 and the broad head was the low profile Terminal T 100's three blade fixed. The bow was shooting around 240 FPS. Lopes can really duck!! C

Here is the frame by frame and you can see the arrow!

From: Shiloh
More proof that you don't have to be shooting 330fps to kill something! Great shot Charlie!!

From: Paul@thefort
Charlie, you and the production company did a great job.

My best, Paul

From: Rocking R
Really nice video. Thanks Charlie.

From: Stinkbait1
I will be going to Spearhead Ranch in 3 weeks. I'm really excited as this will be my 1st antelope hunt. If you see a red Chevy in or around Douglas with Oklahoma tags and a Skeeter sticker on the back window, that will be me.

From: drycreek
Thanks Charlie ! I love me some pronghorn ! Great video, really gets me itching for Sept. I'll be the one in a red F 150 with a Leer topper. Unit 26 Wyoming . Can't get here quick enough.

From: primitve
Always enjoy your videos Charlie, thank you!

From: Medicinemann
Getting primed for a September Pronghorn of course it's time to revive one of Charlie's videos!!! Great video to get you pumped up.....

From: trackman
Thanks Charlie Now will you help me get a tag

From: trkyslr
great video charlie!!!! I love hunting lopers as they are an awesome animal.

From: Wapitidung
Good Stuff!,

From: Bowboy
Thanks for sharing!

From: ahunter55
Great video. Just getting a point this year. Will have 5 to spend next year.

From: Dwitt2n
...nice video...thanks for posting....I was 12 when I was lucky enough to go with my Dad to Wyoming when he hunted mule deer and antelope. I'm 61 now and antelope is still on the list. Soon I hope.

From: midwest
That was great, C....thanks!

From: Teeton
Going after them for the first time this fall if I draw my Wyoming tag. It be diy. Got permission to hunt private land. Driving out from Pa in my rv pulling my tracker to get around with. Going to leave on Friday the 7th to have time to scout before the 15th opener. So if I draw I'm going to have lots of questions. Ed

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