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Shark with a Bow
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Medicine Bow 29-Sep-14
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From: Medicine Bow
What an interesting read. The fact he donated much of the shark to homeless shelters is a plus.

My only mako catch was just a 4 footer and the eating was fantastic.

From: Medicine Bow

Medicine Bow's Link
Oops...forgot the link.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Done that several times, albeit on much smaller sharks. It's cool and fun for a while, but to be perfectly honest, there isn't much sport in it. Don't mean to get all bunny hugger, but those monsters are exclusively female and are breeding stock. I've killed far more than my fair share of makos and it kinda makes me sad now. JMHO.

From: Thornton
I refused to eat shark after I found out they urinate through their skin. I would like to shoot one with a bow though.

From: Zbone
"don't think I would enjoy baiting up a shark for a chip shot."

Oh I would... Revenge for dreams about JAWS...8^)

From: Hollywood
Thornton, if you bleed the shark immediately, the urea issue is a "non-issue".

From: LINK
Sounds pretty freakin cool to me!

From: Fuzzy
Thornton, many saltwater fish do the same, and in fact, so do we, to some extent...

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