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Out of Africa Safaris Indicted Again
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From: Spiral Horn
In this case the owners of Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris were charged with conspiracy to sell illegal rhinoceros hunts in South Africa in order to defraud American hunters, money laundering and secretly trafficking in rhino horns. The defendants are charged with selling illegal rhino hunts by misleading American hunters. rhino-hunts

Previously in 2010, Dawie Groenewald was arrested for smuggling an illegally killed leopard into the United States. South African Safari Owner Sentenced For His Role In The Illegal Importation Of A Leopard

Newsweek also published an article about this company: Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill By Newsweek Staff

Filed: 1/12/06 at 7:00 PM | Updated: 3/13/10 at 5:16 PM

... Debate also swirls around what many industry sources call the most controversial operator in Zimbabwe: Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris. Founded by four former South African policemen and based in both South Africa and Overland Park, Kan., the company has done a brisk business taking a heavily American clientele to hunt on several ranches that, according to industry watchdogs in Zimbabwe, were seized by ZANU-PF activists and independence war veterans. Critics, including the Zimbabwe Association of Tourism and Safari Operators, say that the group uses poorly trained hunting guides who, among other violations, sometimes endanger the lives of their clients and overhunt species in violation of the Zimbabwean government's hunting rules.

Zimbabwe's Parks and Wildlife Authority banned Out of Africa last year from operating in the country. "This is an unscrupulous organization that doesn't respect the environment and pursues unsustainable quotas," says David Coltart, the opposition leader. Conservationist Johnny Rodrigues calls the company the most "flagrant violator" of hunting regulations in Zimbabwe. Dawie Groenewald, one of the founding partners of Out of Africa, denies that his company has done anything ethically wrong and says that he has been slandered by white Zimbabwean hunters. "The white Zimbabweans hunting in Zim don't want anyone else coming in there to hunt--they hate South Africans coming to hunt in their kingdom," he told NEWSWEEK.

Its amazing how many illegal drugs we can smuggle in but can't smuggle one lepard skin. What does that tell ya.

From: Eddie Bauer
What do you know they play the race card over there also.

From: mixed bag
TBM,most of us are aware that the gov't ALLOWS a certain amount of drugs into this country.The entire legal system rely on it for their many would be out of jobs without the drugs coming thru here? No idea what goes thru your head to even try to get a leopard in the states illegally.I know they searched my box of trophies pretty thoughly

From: Boothill
TBM, drugs may be allowed or just harder to detect. to be fair though it is infinitely harder to smuggle a leopard skin pushed up your back side than a balloon full of heroin. LOL......but someone'll try .....

From: DL
The penalties are far worse for smuggling in a leopard than a Butt load of cocaine too.

From: writer
"The penalties are far worse for smuggling in a leopard than a Butt load of cocaine too."

Duh, that's because the hunting hurt that one leopard.

As opposed to the butt-load of snort which could end up hurting dozens of lowly people.

Seriously, it's not that hard to figure out.

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