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From: Outdoorsdude
Just thinking out loud, but those of you who chase goat sp.; what arrow do you use? and what is its' total weight?

The reason I ask, I will be chasing them (Ibex) here in NM, during the second January season. Was humbled by them four years back and obviously didn't receive enough abuse. Since that time, I have changed bows and now have to shoot a .300 spine (31 in DL will do that to you). Mostly I chase Elk, and the 10.7gpi Axis works wonders!! Experience says I might want to consider a flatter / farther reaching arrow. Not that the axis won't go out there, but.....

Have been looking at the Beeman Spe3d, in .300 it would be a 8.7gpi, ending up in the 430gr ballpark.

Any thoughts ?

From: Florida Mike
I have shot FMJs 300spine at 11.7gr per inch for years. I just switched over to Victory VAP1 250spine at 9 gr per inch. I checked the chrono and it says I went from 89fps to 93fps. I gained 30 ft per second so they should shoot flatter, but I have yet to try them past 30 yards. I have a 31.5 DL.

I hunted the Ibex 2 years ago so I know of the addiction you speak of...

Goodluck, Mike

From: Txnrog
Would be worth actually shooting them, have found some slightly heavier arrows perform better at longer ranges. Just depends on your setup - not all arrows that are faster at 5 ft are faster at 50+ yards

From: Nick Muche
Mike you hunted Ibex?

That axis will be plenty of arrow! Good luck!!

From: butcherboy
I'll be down there in January my self. I'm shooting the same set up that I do for everything. Hoyt CE 28" dl 70 lbs, 28" 340 FMJ with a 3 blade montec or a 3 blade VPA both in 125 gr. Bringing my dad with me and we will be staying at Rock Hound. He is a couple years away from being 70 but still gets after it! Should be a blast!


Mountain.Blade's embedded Photo
Mountain.Blade's embedded Photo
Gold tip pro hunter ! Good luck !

From: Outdoorsdude
I can't believe a light vs heavier arrow question didn't draw more than 5 comments!

Txnrog brings a valid point up. How would you configure arrow speed loss over distance? Drag would be a variable, I presume.

Thanks to those who answered above. Butcherboy, it is going to be a blast!!

From: axle2axle

axle2axle's embedded Photo
axle2axle's embedded Photo
Hey Outdoorsdude,

Here's what an Easton Axis, N-Fused carbon arrow using HIT inserts, max-helical fletched Blazer vanes, and a 100 grain Terminal T-lock broadhead (410 grain total arrow weight) did to the ibex that I shot in the Gobi desert in Mongolia in 2009.

ARC range was 63 yards...slant range over the arrow was going very straight when it hit. Complete pass through.

60 lb. Hoyt Alphamax bow.

Your elk setup sounds fine...just use your ARC rangefinder and make a good shot...and of course, get the ibex to cooperate with all of this!

From: master guide
I have one tip don't use a bow quiver, go with the hip model. The wind is rough on top. And fletching in a bow quiver is tough to hold steady . Be carful and good luck. This is the toughest hunt in north America.

From: HDE
Take a rifle just in case.

From: DonVathome
They are small animals. Flat shooting is important. Trust me! A little flatter and I would have tagged one in NM.

From: Outdoorsdude
Well, changed to Beman Spe3d shafts and went down to 100gr tip. Lost 80gr, on paper, compared to the Axis shafts.

My 70 pin is now dead-on for 80- and I never had to adjust a thing. Now considering making first pin at 30, giving me a last pin at 90.

Getting pumped.

From: Mark Watkins
Start at 30 and roll on out to 90. I did this a year ago for a sheep hunt and have left it. At 10 yards you will be spot on. at 20 yards, you will be 2" high. For practice at 100 yards, hold your 90 yard pin at the ears and you will be in the money.

I would think the most important thing you can do is practice your super steep uphill and downhill shots.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Make sure you post pics! I loved seeing Ibex while hiking when I lived in the Middle East:

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