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I am planning a moose hunt for myself and a friend to celebrate us both turning 50 next year. Todd Lowen with Red Willow Outfitters in Alberta,Canada looks like a good deal. Any information on this hunt and outfitter would be appreciated.

From: Bou'bound
I have hunted with a guy who thinks the world of. Todd for bear and moose.

Happy birthday to your both. Nice to see you guys making sure each other enjoys their birthday. C

"Take a trip of a LIFETIME, EVERY year"!!

From: Keadog
I killed a 20 5/16" black bear with Todd in 2000. Good guy. Haven't been in touch for years but he sure could put you on lots of bears back then. I killed bear 3 years in a row. I hunted out of his home base in '99, '00 and '01. Went for moose in '02 (I think; been a while). It was a tougher hunt but had a small male that hung up at 38 yards (I was longbow hunting and it was just too far for me, even something that big) and had an absolute Bullwinkle on the last day of the hunt but I blew the stalk. The guide said it was the largest moose he had ever seen in Alberta - he guessed 63"+.

Thanks guys, so far everything seems positive. Hopefully, next fall I can post some pictures of this hunt

From: SteveB
I don't think he does bear any more but I have heard nothing but good things about him and his outfit.

From: cleggy
He still does bear hunts. We just returned from an archery moose hunt. VERY disappointed. 1 small bull seen between the two of us in 6 days of hunting. I preface that with 6 partial days of hunting, you come back to the lodge for a 4 hour lunch every day! All our hunting was done on PUBLIC land. 4 wheeler trails all over the area. Natives shoot any moose they see from their trucks. Wolves galore take many moose. Over hunted and low population. Accommodations were good but the hunting was abysmal. Scent control was a joke with several guides smoking while hunting, diesel and gas exhaust, guides wore same clothes several days in a row, etc. I wouldn't recommend this for a bow hunt. Rifle hunt maybe, If you like to try and stay on the back of a 4 wheeler as they rocket down the trails stopping to call occasionally, this hunts for you!

I hunted with him and booked through Scott Alberda from BNAA. I have a million good things I could say. The best is just go!

From: Gun
Don't know Red Willow. Dennis you were about a week too early for prime Moose action. Sorry you didn't have a better hunt.

A very negative review was just posted in Outfitter Reports? Same operation?

From: prezboys
You go and try and do a cheap priced price Moose hunt. look to Alberta which is a dismal place to hunt moose to begin with and now your complaining that you both didn't harvest a moose. Really.

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