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From: PeroteHunter
I am looking for a pronghorn outfitter for next fall. I would like to take my 9 and 14 year olds on a long weekend, high success, rifle hunt. I am hoping to get it in before school starts next fall - Thanks!

From: Mule Power
I'd suggest Craig at Triple Three Outfitters in Wyoming. Bowsite sponsor so you can look him up on here.

From: shooter
I second a call or e-mail to Craig. Great place to take your kids for sure!

From: huntnmuleys
dakota79 on here is an outstanding outfitter as well. hes in south Dakota.

From: Ty
I dont think you are going to find a rifle season before school starts. You will have to bowhunt. Wyoming lets you use a crossbow and the season opens on 8/15 in most areas if that helps you.

From: JW
Werner ranch in Wyoming. Bowsite sponsor.

Bump for Craig and Triple 3.

Been there, will be back. Pull up my semi live hunt and look at all the speed goats!

Have fun no matter your decision.

From: Sage Buffalo
Triple 3 will likely be your best bet for best budget and flexibility.

From: wild1
Take a look at :

Spearhead Ranch Werner Ranch Moore Ranch

All in Wyoming.

From: Foot Shooter
Werner Ranch did a great job for us this year. I suggest you give them some consideration.

From: PeroteHunter
Thanks to all who have provided info so gar, I will contact all of them. If anyone has any others I would like to weigh all options.

From: cityhunter
DIY dad becomes guide and money man kids love this !!

From: Brotsky
Don't waste your time looking at SD for a gun hunt. As a non-res you will not get gun tags.

From: greg simon
Wyoming requires hunters of big game to be 12 years old.

From: bghunter
without a doubt werener

From: Stinkbait1
I did my first antelope hunt at Spearhead Ranch this past September. I could not have been happier. Great people and lots of antelope. Don't know anything about their rifle hunts other than they were later. I was there the 1st week of Sept. Good luck

From: drycreek
Don't think you are gonna get any rifle hunts before school starts. Since you live in Fla., have you thought about a local hunt for hogs and maybe Axis deer ? Just a thought.

Hoppy Kempher has hogs galore. Lots of opportunities for the kids. Good luck !

From: rockn9858
Earliest hunt in NM is August 29 - 3 pm me Iif you need more information.

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