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frenchbowhunter's embedded Photo
frenchbowhunter's embedded Photo
I'm very happy to annoouce you i come back from a sucessfull balkan chamois hunt in bulgaria. With my alpine, cantabric, pyrenean and chartreuse subspecie i'm now half way of my dream: a bow kill of a chamois slam ( 10 subspecies) As i alreaddy told you, in europe we aren't fortunate like you about the number of big game we can hunt, so we must find other goals. Like lots of you, moutain big game is my passion and especially chamois. After a first unsucessfull try last spring i came back last week in bulgaria for a second try. I hunted a different area with more forest and less cliff, so the hunt was easier. First day i had two shooting opportunities on femeals( they have same trophy quality like the male but the season was closed) and i passed a male at 50 meters witch looked me too far. Second day was the good one: i spotted a buck at 500 meters. He was alone and sleeping but the terrain was not easy and it took me about 2 hours to stalk him. When i finally found his initial position he, of course, has mooved!! After a few more meters i found him feedind and was able to give a ( long for me) perfect shoot at 47 meters. My mathews Z7 max 70# and strker G5 100gr made the job. This record book 8 years old buck were mine. I would like to thank ( bow siter i think) Ross Morris, my last year oregon guide, who helped my to become a better shooter. Without his help i would never be able to harvest this chamois Hope my english was not too bad...but i prefer to progress in bow shooting like in english speeking!!!

From: sureshot
English is great! Congrats on the halfway mark, haven't seen you post in a while.

From: Heat
Very glad you came here to share your hunt with Bowsite! Congratulations on your trophy!

From: GhostBird
Congratulations... nice looking animals!!!

From: huntinelk
Congrats. Very cool

Good for you! Thanks for posting your progress. Good luck and stay hungry for your goals! C

From: kota-man
Congrats! Love the chamois.

From: 'Ike'

From: midwest
Congrats frenchbowhunter! I had no idea there were so many different subspecies of chamois. They are a gorgeous animal and it looks like they live in gorgeous places!

From: Florida Mike
Your English is fair but you sir are Bada$$! Congrats and know this; you are in an Elite group of hunters! Mike

From: Mark Watkins
Congrats! That is an awesome feat!


From: loprofile
English far superior to TBM. Contgrats

From: cityhunter
I got to meet this french bow bender in AK flew from France to AK to hunt grizz !! He is a heck of a nice guy as a matter of fact he was the coolest guy in camp the rest were turds !!! I tried to lure him into a archery shootout USA against the French !!!

Congras on your goal !!!

From: Bigdan
Frenchy see you next year if you draw your Montana ewe tag. Congrats on your Chamois

From: sticksender
They're all beautiful animals, and congrats on your latest.

From: Lucas
Great looking chamois! Congratulations on a fine hunt.

From: Eric B.
Very cool !

From: cityhunter
cool looking critters

From: t-roy
Congrats to you & best wishes as well to you on your quest!

From: drycreek
Congrats to you Sir !

Congrats for taking FIVE of these amazing animals by bow! Quite an accomplishment!

From: Hammer
Very nice.

From: Nick Muche
The effort required to do what you are doing is incredible! Congrats!

I can only imagine how tough of an undertaking that is with a bow. Congrats and good luck on the other 1/2!

Keep us updated :)

From: Db1
Awesome!! Congrats!

Very impressive! Great job and thanks for sharing. I wasn't aware there were so many subspecies of chamois.

Thank a lot Bigdan hope to see you this fall too!!. I sand all the papers, need a little luck to draw this tag. City hunter: france against's when you want, where you france, of course!!!! you see i shoot a catch me....if you can!!! Hope to send you an other message next year for an other chamois subspecie......

From: SteveB
Really cool! Congratulations and thanks for sharing pics of these amazing accomplishments!

From: Clutch
Great Accomplishment -- Congrats

From: rock50
Congratulations Vincent!

Your English is much better than my the months I spent in France and Belgium I only learned menu least I usually was not surprised when I received the food I ordered.

What part of France do you live in? I spent many months working in Grenoble in the center of the French Alps. I always thought there had to be a lot of wildlife in the mountains in that region. Only one man I met in the plant did any hunting and he did not speak English so I never got much information about hunting in the region. I believe his primary pursuit was boar.

Is the Chartreuse subspecie from the Chartreuse Range above Grenoble? Along with the Vercor and Belledonne Ranges they make one of the most scenic cities in Europe.

Again, congratulation on your half slam. Good luck on the rest!

From: TD
Wow. That's only half way? Where do you have to travel to get the rest?

Congrats! Beautiful animals and a pretty amazing feat.

Only chamois I've seen is the one I use to wash the car.....

Rock 50: i live very close from Switserland and German border, so about 300 km north from Grenoble Yes chartreuse chamois( witch is one of the 2 rarest chamois subspecie with the tatra one) live only in chartreuse mountains north from Grenoble and south of chambery. Vercor witch is an other part of french alpes is just south from grenoble In all french mountains( mostly alpen and pyrenean south of france) local chamois subspecies are the most apprecied big game( same like your sheeps in north america with some really good hunters who hunt almost only them) but you are right the most prised big game in france( generally, i no more speak about mountain game) is wild boar....and mostly hunted in collectiv drive hunts with dogs.....not the easiest way to be sucess full for a bow hunter!! TD: the second part of the slam will not be the esiest!! I need - carpate one ( roumania) with the problem of to be allowed to bow hunt in this country. I think never any bow kill - tatra in slovakia( the rarest with chartreuse)... I think never any bow kill - the new zeeland one( witch is in fact an introtucted alpine) very possible with a bow - anatolian one in turkey: never any bow kill, no legal problem but very difficult to bow hunt because very open country - caucase one, no big legal problem to bow hunt but will not be easy with a bow( same place you can hunt tur) was there a long time ago for a tur rifle hunt and saw this chamois.never any bow kill. I plan to hunt one specie a year, i have alreaddy most of the connections witch is some time as hard as to be sucessfull during the hunt, especially in europe were bow hunt is new and where very few guides and outfitters have experience to help us. The big difference with your north american sheeps is the price witch is generally less or a lot less depending of the subspecie. I personnally know a few US rifle hunters who rifle killed the slam There is an other subspecie middle of Italie ( in Apenin mountains)but this last one is totally protected with no hunt possible.

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