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Some one PM'd me about a hunt
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Bear Track 05-Dec-14
Rock 10-Dec-14
Dakota 10-Dec-14
Bear Track 10-Dec-14
cityhunter 10-Dec-14
From: Bear Track
A Bowsiter had pm'd me regarding helping set up a hunt for archery antelope last year and my Private Message account does not have that info anymore. My fault for not saving it elsewhere. The bowsite friend was from Wyoming. Could you please contact me again?

Thanks, Ron

From: Rock
Ron, not sure if you are talking about me or not but I think we did exchange messages earlier this year about the ranch I hunt and send bowhunters to.

From: Dakota
It might have been me if we were talking about Northwest South Dakota.

From: Bear Track
Further information: The fellow I'm looking for I think was from or near Gillette, WY.

From: cityhunter
i hunt Gillette area

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