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Texas to Caribou Country ??
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Hanson72 07-Dec-14
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From: Hanson72
I really am considering a caribou hunt, i dont know anyone personally that has ever been,i know there are alot of outfitters on the internet but this is a really big hunt for me and i want to go with a good reputable and successful outfit,any advice or thoughts ,please send my way. i need to get out of Texas more often to go hunt some different stuff. thanks-Billy

From: Hanson72
also,if there is anyone goin that needs an extra person next yr ,i would like to go with a group. thanks

From: CPAhunter
Your options are pretty much limited to Canada or Alaska. If you choose Canada the ONLY outfitter to contact is Jack Hume Adventures. Do a thread search - highly recommended by bowsiters.

From: rtkreaper
Billy, This year will be my 15th caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures. Obviously I would be very biased towards them but if you want some info shoot me a PM. See you on the tundra. Rory

From: Bou'bound
Jack Hume for quebec

From: Don K
As the others have said if your going to Quebec I would only go with Jack Hume. A quick search will show all problems people have had with others.

Lots of good ones in Alaska and I am sure others will chime in on them.

From: Aubs8
Jack Hume Adventures Mike

From: kota-man
Figure out where you'd like to go and which species you'd like to chase..

For Q/L Caribou, I'd only go with Hume in Quebec.

Don't rule out Manitoba for Central Barren Caribou. I had a great hunt with Munroe Lake Lodge this past fall. There are other great outfits in Manitoba as well. Or, you could chase them with Canada North in Nunavut.

If you want to spend some money and chase Mountain Caribou, there are several good outfits in NWT. I can highly recommend Arctic Red for Mountain Caribou. (My favorite caribou species)

Then, there's always Woodland's in Newfoundland. These tags are getting harder to come by, but Newfoundland is an awesome place.

I'd save AK for DIY after you've got a species or two under your belt.

Lots of options for caribou. For a first timer, I would not hesitate to go to Quebec with Hume, or Manitoba with Munroe Lake Lodge. You'd have a quality experience with either.

From: Bigpizzaman
What Kota said! ^^^

From: Cornfed 77
Quebec with Hume. Start your caribou experience with one of the most highly spoke of outfitter on the site. I've only been once, dad has been with him and my brother twice. Two more hunts and I think Rory gets to name another lake :-) If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me. Would be more then happy to talk with ya.

best of luck James

From: TradbowBob
If you want to talk with another Texan about it, PM "Buff". I met him on a caribou hunt with Hume. He's a good guy.


From: Dwitt2n
Billy.....Richard (Jack Hume) will be down your way: Dallas Safari Club Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Jan. 15-18, 2015 Booth #3941

...I'd suggest you make the trip to Dallas and decide for yourself. The beauty and silence of Quebec along with the best outfitter in the business makes for an amazing experience. I'll be making my 3rd hunt with Richard & Amanda (& Rory) next September. Good luck and have a safe hunt..

From: Kdog
Sent you a PM Billy. I am going in September to Manitoba (Nunavut actually) with Adrenaline/Webbers.


From: SOMI
I've been with both Webbers and Hume. Quebec can be done for less money but I liked the location of Webbers lodges better. Either would be an adventure.

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