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HuntHard 19-Dec-14
Raptor 20-Dec-14
drycreek 20-Dec-14
t-roy 21-Dec-14
HDE 21-Dec-14
Drahthaar 21-Dec-14
DL 21-Dec-14
From: HuntHard

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We need to get the folks in america on board now...those crazy country rednecks just dont get it.

You know the research team is a bunch of libs.

From: Raptor
One must remember that hunting back across the pond is for the few. They also don't have a F&W Service that has to put aside money in the budget to pay for the wolf lover's legal fees. Do you think they would keep marching back into court if they had to pay for it. What a Country!

From: drycreek
I wonder if the hikers and campers that have been killed or mauled by lions and bears feel like " accommodating " their attackers ? Wolves are gonna be the next animal that we have to "accommodate " if the huggers have their way.

From: t-roy
Yeah, we need to model more things over here like Europe!

Oops! I guess we are already in the process!!

Working great so far. Thanks Libs;>(

From: HDE
No, we don't have to accommodate wolves, or lions, or grizzlies, or...

I believe in survival of the fittest! That doesn't mean, however, the eradication of a species.

From: Drahthaar
The way I feel about it,Europe can have our wolves too. the Red wolves and coyotes have just about wiped out our deer in eastern N.C. Forrest

From: DL
If I'm ever in grizzly country I'm going to get a can of bear in heat spray to put on every bunny hugger I run into.

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