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August '15 caribou hunt
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From: shuber
Archery caribou hunt August '15 in Brooks range out of Bettles? Need 1-2 to help with a beaver load. Thanks!

This should be interesting... I'd help but I'm happily married.... Ed F

From: Emmaasher119
LMFAO! That was funny. Shuber, What are your plans for this trip? Travel, camp, etc? My dream hunt has been caribou, but I haven't made any plans. The distance just seemed too far to me, but these days travelling to hunt is almost necessary for me.

From: shuber
One option is to fly into Bettles and have Brooks Range Aviation fly us north to catch the caribou coming out of the mountains. I have flown this outfit before and they are reliable. Drop camp for a 7-9 days. May reposition if needed. I have killed a couple caribou, one in the Mulchatna drainage, the other in the ANW area, the Porcupine herd, both with rifle. Will take a take down longbow this time but also a take down rifle just in case. It's a long way to go, expensive, time consuming to plan. I intend to get an animal considering the effort involved.

A beaver is expensive, 1-3 people are optimum considering this cost Thanks for the response, Scott in Reno.

Well I hate to say this but....what is a Beaver?

It's an airplane. Fairly large for bush planes so it can carry a lot. Takes a lot of fuel so the cost is higher. So splitting the flight makes sense


Are the tags OTC or draw? What are the approximate expenses if you put together 3 people?

From: Nick Muche
Most areas folks go it's OTC.

I suggest you head on over to AKF&G and do some reading on areas and costs. Lots of info there.

From: pav
Can't go....but will 100% vouch for Brooks Range Aviation out of Bettles.

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