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Catahoula redbone
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From: Barnhart
I have 2 catahoula redbone jips that are a little over a year old. I have started them myself in central Texas on pigs. They are very good dogs just a hair rough. They were originally house trained as puppies by my fionce for obedience and started by me on hogs. They don't range out to far and are good about checking in and taking on a fresh track. They do sound off on track every now and then just a single bark. They will work a pig for hours until the catch dog gets there. I just would like to get some good puppies out of these hounds but not real sure what to breed to to get jam up bay dogs. Any suggestions? The other thing with them is the roughness. I have. Hard time stopping pigs with these two because they are rough. They will make a pig run because of how agressive they are. What is the best way to get them to put distance between them and the hog at the bay so it doesn't blow?

From: wifishkiller
Hop on biggame houndsmen or a site similar and you'll get more action

From: dmann
Try the ukcforums a lot of houndsmen there

From: Owl
I have experience with Ladner Yellow Blackmouth Curs. Great dogs. Short range, check in every 10-15 minutes. Mine are tree dogs. Silent on track. Only open when they have game up. Works the same on land. If the game is right in front of them, they may bark a few times. Otherwise, they are silent to the bay. On bay, they sound off. The BMC blood I've followed on hog hunts is impressive, though, they tend to be gritty, too. Weatherford Ben BMCs are used more heavily for ranch work, so they may have better manners on bay. Do an online search for both. There's tons of info.

IMO, your races are longer because 2 is not enough to hold a pig. The hog dogging I've done is best with 4 or 5 on the ground. Bay dogs really should not be too eager for a fight. They'll get hurt. Especially with only 2 working.

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From: ArrowSlinger
Biggamehoundsmen is the place. I am on there quite a bit. Running curs on lions

From: Fuzzy
They will calm down when they get some age on 'em (I sure did)

I think Randy is right about needing more dogs in your pack, possibly a couple/three pure-hound breed males.

A big ole rawboned Blue tick male might make a good addition to the pack and sire for the pups you're contemplating, also, don't breed 'em at the same time, stagger 'em 6 months at least, so you can place the pups you don't want, and keep one or two from each litter and really have the time to work with them.

From: Beendare
I ran dogs on hogs for about 10 years- Some catahoulas. They are a bit of an immature breed that didn't really get the fight in them until about 2 yrs of age.

Instead of breeding them with a true catch dog like a Pitbull, I would recommend crossing with a Heeler type dog like a Queensland or McNab. The Pit crosses aren't bad- better than a straight pit but the Heeler breeds are almost as aggressive and they don't get cut as much as the headhunter pitbull breeds.

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