Long Distance Chronograph
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From: Cornpone
Has anyone ever shot through a chronograph at long distance, say 40 and 50 yards? It would be interesting to see just how much slower it would be. Personally, I'd be afraid of ruining the chrono!

From: Medicinemann
My longest was 20 yards....arrow didn't slow as much as I has expected....

From: Bou'bound
No risk to the majority of archers on the bowsite. They can all hit a dime at 50 yards with broadheads while dressed in full camo.

From: guins1971
A buddy and I have done it out to 40 yards. It was interesting using different fletching, shafts etc. Our other buddy that owns the chrono wasn't real proud of us but we didn't break anything. To be honest, it didn't make me want to change my set up. Dead deer is a dead deer no matter how fast the arrow is traveling.

From: kota-man
Just put a sheet of plywood in front of the display, and fire away!

From: cnelk
I have shot out to 40 & 50yds.thru a chrono. Just cover the display like mentioned in case your shoot low.

It it fun to see the speed difference at those ranges

But really, the opening of a chrono is about 8in, there really shouldn't be a problem putting an arrow between the uprights should there?

X 2 Kota.

From: loprofile
This was from a post I ran across:

Running the numbers for my bow in On Target reveals the following for a 434 grain arrow (100 grain 3 blade broadhead): 0 yds = 283.61 FPS 10 yds = 282.75 20 yds = 281.89 30 yds = 281.03 40 yds = 280.18 50 yds = 279.33

With a 125 grain 2-blade broadhead (458 grain total weight) these are the numbers: 0 yds = 278.48 FPS 10 yds = 277.73 20 yds = 276.99 30 yds = 276.24 40 yds = 275.50 50 yds = 274.76

From: cnelk
I dug up my 2013 chrono results:

Equipment: Bow 2013 PSE Drive 57#

Arrows: GoldTip Hunter XT 55/75

DL: 27.5"

360gr - 270fps

445gr - 245fps

Then I shot the 360gr and the 445gr at 40yds - the POI was 8 inches different [low]

At 40 yds these were the results thru the chrono

360gr - 234fps

445gr - 213fps

From: bow_dude
T.A.P. produces a ballistics report as one of its standard reports. It will calculate arrow speed from 0 to 200 yards. I have not tested arrow speed past 30 yards with a chronograph, but the sight tapes are extremely accurate, so the calculated speeds must be accurate also. It will also tell you arrow drop and k.e. at all those distances. Interesting to try different arrow combo's and see the calculated differences.

From: oldgoat
X2 bow_dude when I shot compounds, no real clue with recurve, I get nervous shooting at zero yards with them, haven't ever hit it but it makes me nervous none the less!

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