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First recurve hunt
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weekender21 01-Jan-15
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From: weekender21

weekender21's embedded Photo
weekender21's embedded Photo
After five years of shooting my recurve for fun, I finally decided to take it hunting. I've been shooting it when I take my daughter to the range this fall and I guess that gave me the push I needed.

I hung a stand close to the action (10 yards) to give me the confidence needed to carry my black widow in the field. At this point I wouldn't shoot at an animal past 15 yards with my recurve.

I hunted a few days ago and despite excellent daytime activity on the trail camera, the hogs didn't show. The wind was forecasted out of the North which would be perfect but in the mountains in Hawaii the forecasts don't mean much. The wind was variable and blew in almost every direction until about 4:30.

At 5:15 I could hear the train coming and managed to get my video camera turned on as the first hogs showed up (camera arm arrived in the mail about 15 min before I left for the hunt). I waited for the biggest one to give me a broadside shot and the arrow was off. I hit the sow a little high (spine) and climbed down quickly to get another arrow in her.

She's by far the biggest sow I've shot in Hawaii, maybe 120 pounds live weight. A very exciting new years eve!

From: weekender21

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weekender21's embedded Photo
Just before dark

Looks like an awesome start to a happy New year.

From: TradbowBob
You might as well sell the compound, you're hooked now.

Welcome to the family.


From: fisherick
Once you have the mindset of getting closer and waiting for the right shot, the excitement level you get from the trad bow will never allow you to carry that compound bow hunting again. Congrats on the pig and welcome to the brotherhood.

From: Elkhuntr
very cool, congrats and thanks for sharing. taking game with a stickbow is great stuff. I sold my wheels more then 20 years ago and have taken elk, deer and antelope with a recurve or longbow.

From: Stringmaker
Congratulaions . . . it will be a fun ride!

Have a Blessed New Year.


From: cityhunter
Congrats !!

From: INbowdude

From: Lucas
Great pig. Congrats!

From: habu john
Great job with the stickbow. Hope you get the same satisfaction as I do when you get stickbow close and put the arrow in the boiler room.

From: Kevin Dill
Way to go! It doesn't get a lot more fun than carrying a stickbow around in the islands.

Next up....big Axis stag?

From: rick allison
Your hunting life is changed for welcome to the brotherhood.


From: Heat
That's a very nice hog! Congrats on breaking the ice with the 'curve.

From: weekender21
Thanks! I really do enjoy shooting my recurve but don't think I'll be a total convert. Not yet at least. If I can get my confidence up out to 25 or 30 yards that might change!

Kevin Dill, my freezer might be a little empty if I take my recurve on an Axis hunt at this point! I've rarely been inside 15 yards of those cagey deer.

From: drycreek
Congrats to you ! I watched Larry D. Jones shoot a deer at 40 yards last night on Bowhunter TV. Perfect shot with his recurve ! Wish I had the fortitude to stick with it.

From: weekender21
That's incredible! I've shot a few 3D targets at 40 but I'm far from consistent at that distance!

Congratulations Andrew! Don't worry about how far you can shoot, but how close you can get. I only take shots under 15 yards with my longbow as I don't think I'll ever be proficient out to 30 yards! You just have to hunt animals that are less spooky than an Congrats again!


From: SDHNTR(home)
Congrats again buddy! That's an accomplishment. You sound like me with the stick. Anything inside of 15 is in trouble, but after that it's a crap shoot. I've done ok on pigs by hunkering down in front of the herd and letting them come to me. And man, if I could have connected on all the misses, I'd have truck loads. But I love it. One day I'll grow the stones to take it on a real hunt. But for now, I still like killing stuff too much to hang up the compound. How 'bout a stick bow goat challenge this spring?

Sent from the airport bar en route to South Texas, with stick AND wheelie.

From: Bowboy

From: weekender21
Good luck in Texas Nate!

From: Tracker
I went back to hu8nting Traditional 3 years ago after 40 years with the compound. Its been a great journey. Very nice pig.

From: Paul@thefort
To poke a pig is particularly pleasant, especially with a stick.

My best, Paul

From: Riverwolf
......Congratulations with a fine animal !

Awesome Job once again!!!

Nate, you better plan your trip so we can all hunt together this year!



From: Raptor

From: trkyslr
Congrats on your kill. !!!! Dunno how I missed this one but good job.

From: razorsharp
Good job!

From: weekender21
Thanks, long time goal!

From: Fuzzy

From: huntnmuleys
nicely done! my first traditional ill was a hog as well. wasn't long after that and my compounds were all sold off. its addicting!

From: Reflex
Congrats on your first trad kill! Someday I will get myself a recurve and will try to do the same.

From: Stinkbait1
Congrats on your 1st with a recurve. You will always remember it.

From: Arrowflinger
Nothin better! I've been shooting hogs, deer and small game with my stick for a while now. Tons of fun! Getting close is what bowhunting is all about.

From: stagetek
Very nice. Congrats.

I have to remember that my first shot it of a tree stand seems to always be too high.. I mentally have to adjust my focus on those shots. I did the exact same thing, spine, on my first hog in Oklahoma years ago. Congrats to a GREAT start.

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