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hogs and rain?
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tobinsghost 01-Jan-15
weekender21 02-Jan-15
ollie 02-Jan-15
tobinsghost 02-Jan-15
bad karma 02-Jan-15
Beendare 02-Jan-15
From: tobinsghost
Gonna be in south texas next week for a hog and doe hunt. Suppose to rain Friday and Saturday. Do hogs still hit an established feeder? I've watched youtube videos of them being out in the rain but I'm curious if that is the norm or not. Thoughts?

Also great thread about shot placement. I've only killed 6 pigs and I'm shocked I've killed that many cause I always held on them like a deer or elk. Guess I was just tight enough to the shoulder on broadside shots.

From: weekender21
I have trail com pictures of hogs here in Hawaii at the feeder in complete downpours. One thing I've noticed is that much like deer, big storm fronts usually do cause them to change their patterns. I like hunting hogs in rainy conditions but if it's too bad they can hunker down for days. Nothing better than a light rain to get them going in central CA.

From: ollie
A light rain has little impact on hog movement. I killed quite a few hogs in southern Georgia when it was raining. If it is a heavy downpour the hogs will likely seek shelter where they can get out of the rain.

From: tobinsghost
Thx guys. What i thought but wanted to make sure, we'll be in a blind if need be, so not worried about a light rain.

From: bad karma
Hogs are a life support system for a stomach. When the ground is wet, they can root easier, and so, they'll be out feeding. And they still love corn, so expect them to hit the feeders, too, unless the other food sources are so abundant their bellies are full.

From: Beendare
I prefer hunting them in the rain.....more likely they will be out in the middle of the day vs. sunny conditions.

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