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any good polarized sunglasses out there
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From: darton83
Does anyone have a good brand or color lenses for bowfishing.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

From: HDE
Strike King brands from Wal Mart work pretty good - no pain felt when the are dropped in the lake either!

From: PSUhoss
If you want the best, go with Costa del mar. Spring for the glass lenses and keep them for a lifetime. Great glasses, but not inexpensive.

On their website you can research the lense color that would best suit your needs.

There are some fakes out there though if you are thinking about going the ebay route. Check the feefeedback and buy from a good seller.

From: Stekewood
Maui Jim's are awesome too, and there are plenty of them on Ebay too.

From: bb
I also Like the costa del mar.

From: Genesis
Costa......get the brown tint it's really good bringing contrast to outdoors colors......(reds/greens and the various shades of brown)

From: Candor
I like the lenses in my Maui Jim's a bit better than my Costa's, but the Costa's are preferred in that the coating doesn't scratch on them as easy.

The Costa 580 lens is superior to the 450, but not everyone can distinguish the difference. It's certainly more expensive for the 580 lens.

Sometimes Sierra Trading Post has the Costa's for great prices.

From: Jack Harris
I own Costa Del Mar and Maui Jim. Awesome glasses. Very expensive. One was getting quite out of style and the other a little scratched so for $60 I tried some Optic Nerve polarized glasses - online through Cabelas. I am beyond impressed with the quality clarity and style. Check them out.

From: Surfbow
Costa, Maui Jim, Smith (chroma Pop especially), I have a good set of Arnette polarized too. Get brown or copper tint for the best all-around coverage.

From: bigeasygator
Costas or Maui Jim's.

From: Rayzor
I've had several of the big name brands through the years. Like someone said, it hurts when you lose them. Not sure why I seem to keep the $13, imported, polarized stickered , shades I bought so long. Guess its just Murphy's law. Like them pretty good though. Wish I'd bought several pair just like them and put them up.

From: huntingbob
The el cheapo Wally world ones I have do work well with looking into water fly fishing a river in a canyon but if you were on the open water I would want something that actually protects my eyes. There's a ton of them in all price ranges but like everything else a brand that is advertised will cost you more than a brand you don't see advertised on every fishing show you might watch. Smith used to sell good stuff for a good price and they have gone up like everything else. some of the ones you might wear snow skiing would likely be good and cost a little less. Bob.

From: Trial153

I wear prescription lenses so I used my vision insurance and medical savings account to buy some prescription Costas. They are awesome but I do use more care in storing them so not to lose/break them.

From: Bowhunter#22

From: Tilzbow
Costa if you're okay with 1980 - 90's style, Mauia Jim otherwise...

From: Shug
Which ever ones you decide on be sure to get ones with side plates,it will help with side glare.

I wear prescription lenses so I used my vision insurance and medical savings account to buy some prescription Costas. They are awesome but I do use more care in storing them so not to lose/break them.

From: sureshot
Maui Jim.....the customer service is great.

From: Rob Nye
As an arctic fishing guide, good glasses are an absolute must for me to have. Big fan of the Costas with glass lenses. Really like the Maui's also but the Costa frames are overall more durable IMO.

From: bugslinger
Smith, I used to sell about 100 pairs a year out of a small fly shop.

From: bad karma
I have a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets that work well for hunting and fishing. Interchangeable lenses, so you can get the colors that work best. For hunting, the browns are good for me. For fishing, that works fine, too. The Maui Jims are for normal use, but for hunting, the Oakley works great.

for fishing it's costa all the way....

From: bowhunt1
I like Maui Jim and the wife has both Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar. She likes them both about the same. I also have a pair of Natives that come with lenses that can be swapped out, they are ok but not as good as the ones i mentioned before.

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