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Wyoming unit 53 or 57?
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steff 07-Jan-15
Bowboy 07-Jan-15
Cliff 07-Jan-15
cityhunter 04-Feb-15
jims 04-Feb-15
From: steff
I already have several nice antelope, and am looking for one 80". Got points in Wyoming, and was looking at 53 or 57. Also looking at Savery Creek outfitters. I'd appreciate any input on either. Thanks

From: Bowboy
57 is a great area and if you hold out you can definitely get an opportunity at a 80 plus buck. Question is how many points do you have? If you don't have max it's a tough draw.

Never hunted 53 so can't give you any advice on the unit. Call the local biologist and he can give you some good info.

From: Cliff
Check out areas 114 and 115. 114 has produced some Bc bucks. In 2010 I took a buck antelope that grosses Bc 855/8 net 842/8 in area 114. Used to be a tough draw, not many tags. Good luck

From: cityhunter
outfitter for WY goat why does he hunt private New mex i think u stand a better chance

From: jims
Both 53 and 57 both have super bucks. It is obviously a lot tougher with bow. Are you planning on going guided w/bow? You'll likely have to look over hundreds of bucks before finding any close to the magical 80" mark even in the top units in Wyo. Once you find an 80" buck the next thing to do is figure out where he waters. You obviously have to luck out and find an 80" buck where there are few other sources available or he will likely water at other water sources. The rut usually doesn't pick up until at least the first week or 2 in Sept which is often about the time rifle season opens. You might take a look at Savery's website and the bucks they get on an anual basis..possibly call and talk to all of the hunters that booked archery hunts with them the past couple of years.

Cityhunter is right. There are some monster bucks available in NM....and you can hunt NM every year with landowner tags. I would expect most guided NM hunts to be fairly close to what outfitters in Wyo charge?

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