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Yotes and motion decoy?
Small Game
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Hunt98 07-Jan-15
spike78 08-Jan-15
Tracker 08-Jan-15
Pat Lefemine 08-Jan-15
sureshot 08-Jan-15
Hunt98 08-Jan-15
t-roy 09-Jan-15
Beendare 09-Jan-15
drycreek 09-Jan-15
Musty Bull 09-Jan-15
Duke 09-Jan-15
From: Hunt98
I bought a caller last year and this year I'm looking to buy a motion (rabbit like) decoy. I want something that is fairly portable. If it's battery operated I prefer AA batteries.

WhAt would you recommend?

From: spike78
Here is a great tip on a motion decoy, I bought one and didnt think much about it before but it had a plastic steak to drive into the ground. Let me tell you how impossible I found it to drive through the ground thats frozen. I ended up leaning it on trees. Seeing that your from MN that would be a problem for you. Get one that has metal rod or stands up on something dont make the mistake I did. They work though, had a bobcat run right up to it.

From: Tracker
Another good tip is to carry a roll of white toilet paper. Take a 2' piece and hang it from a tree branch or bush letting it hang in the breeze. Can be seen for ma long way and works very well on both yotes and bobcats. And it doesn't take batteries.

From: Pat Lefemine
When we use a motion decoy we like the Mojo Critter which has a thin metal stake and good battery life. They're like 40 bucks.

However, I rarely use it except in wide open short grass pastures. As soon as the predator sees it they come in on a dead run and rush it. We had so many missed shots and educated coyotes that we stopped using it.

Now we use the caller only and the coyotes trot in looking for the prey slowly. As soon as I see them I stop the caller. They will sneak in, stopping regularly and far easier to smoke. Our percentage last trip was 100% vs maybe 25% had we used a decoy.

My 2x

From: sureshot
Mojo critter is what I use also. It is a good idea for the guy at the call to carry a shotgun with buckshot.

From: Hunt98
The ground is very frozen now. No plastic or metal stake would not work.

l take a look at the Mojo.

How would a tail off of a deer work?

From: t-roy
I have one that moves continuously until you turn it off & it works ok, but if I were to buy another one, I would get one that you could turn on or off remotely. We have had cats come into the call & once they see the decoy they will sometimes hang up out of bow range.

From: Beendare
I have that Mojo too- its great because it has an erratic movement.

I also just use a wad of feathers on a string tied to a stick sometimes if its windy

From: drycreek
Pat.....That's why God made shotguns

t-roy.....That's why God made rifles

From: Musty Bull
A feather, like a turkey feather with fishing line tied to it then tied to a branch. doesn't take much of a breeze to move the feather. Then I have another set up were I made a tri pod out of three old arrows with a heavy rubber band and tied the string with the feather on it for open fields. If I'm using my fox pro I set it up in middle of the tri pod works great for me.

From: Duke
Couple quick thoughts--motion does work well, but as pointed out, shotgun with a tight choke (I like the Patternmaster on my SBE 12 ga) is the key as they usually lope in hard and leave even quicker. What I've found to work for stakes is carrying a cordless drill.

Very much dependent on what kind of terrain you're hunting in though... Any small fields or wood lots I'd say that leaving decoys home is best option.

I've only killed a couple dozen coyotes and have yet to kill one with the arrow. Smart critters that don't stop moving.

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