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Yote hunting at night
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HuntHard 08-Jan-15
Pat Lefemine 08-Jan-15
From: HuntHard
So who has gone at night for coyote...I went the other night after it snowed and it super bright out. I called 2 in within ten minutes of calling. I wasn't using a decoy and due to it being -35 below with the wind I actually stayed in my truck and opened the sun roof. It was ghetto but it was awesome.

Yea, I missed the one at 10 yards with my AR. ..rrrrrr its sighted for hundred yds. He did get a haircut at least.

I am now pumped to go out at night again. Should I use a red light? Primos sells there red light at bass pro near me.

Who hunts at night? Any other tips or tricks.

Next time I will hide the truck and actually be in the tree line with my decoy and a comfy seat. I believe I am hooked!

At night there guard is down and they are very aggressive to come in fast to calls.

From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo

All the time. We use gen 3 night vision scopes.

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