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Red or Light for coyotes?
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Chris S 13-Jan-15
Machias 13-Jan-15
Tracker 13-Jan-15
SANDMAN 13-Jan-15
From: Chris S
With deer season shutting down I wanna start more coyote calling at night. Do you think there is a difference in red or green lights? I have both and actually prefer the green but have been reading that it spooks them while red is not seen by canines. Any opinions on light colors? I'm all ears haven't had much luck night calling except for bringing in owls one of which stole my decoy last year.

From: Machias
Never used the green for the same reason you stated, other have said it spooks them. I've used red and amber with good luck.

From: Tracker
Red and Amber for me.

Red. it is the longest wavelength of light thus making it harder for a nocturnal creature to see. also red light wont impare your own dark adaptation as much. Green light is right in the middle of the visible spectrum and is easier for them (and you) to see. just hold the light over them (not straight on them) until your ready for your shot.

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