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minus 11 degrees coyote ugly
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Ole Coyote 14-Jan-15
drycreek 14-Jan-15
lawdy 14-Jan-15
gulfcoast 14-Jan-15
t-roy 14-Jan-15
CPAhunter 14-Jan-15
TurkeyBowMaster 14-Jan-15
Coyote 65 14-Jan-15
Bou'bound 15-Jan-15
From: Ole Coyote
11 Below right now here in new hampshire with a really nice little breeze 4 to 5 miles per hour from the west to the east making it worse. cannot walk as snow crunches an moans under foot. I managed to call for about 45 minutes nothing moving decided I had enough went home to a nice warm house, guess I am beginning to feel my 70 years.

From: drycreek
I thought this was a thred about my ex-wife ! Don't blame you , -11 is a little too cool for me too !

From: lawdy
Ole Coyote, you must be in Southern NH, up here on the tip of NH it was -30 when I woke up. Came home last night and stopped to check out my truck in the 13 Mile Woods and didn't linger long. 45 degrees in the kitchen of our old farmhouse this morning when I got up at 5 and cranked up the woodstove. Cold water froze in the kitchen but a hair dryer got it going. It's winter.

From: gulfcoast
You guys up north are crazy. Its 38 here and thats cold enough for me.

From: t-roy
It was 16 below yesterday morning & I had the same results as you. Squeaky snow here too.

4 sets & nada;>(

From: CPAhunter

CPAhunter's embedded Photo
CPAhunter's embedded Photo
Yesterday morning at 9 am

I whimper out today under much nicer conditions. It's so glooomy and the deer did not seem to me stiring. Saving up for better days.

From: Coyote 65
Here in the AZ mountains it was 27 with same squeaky snow, which will be gone by tomorrow. The GIRLS, the resident mule deer herd did show up about 7, but since they didn't have any boys with them did not break out the bow.


From: Bou'bound
thanks for sharing that with is. go warm up.

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