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Hog Hunt
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MathewsZ7MN 18-Jan-15
Zebrakiller 19-Jan-15
Fuzzy 20-Jan-15
bghunter 20-Jan-15
KJ 21-Jan-15
From: MathewsZ7MN
Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody knows anywhere that I can go on a hog hunt in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin. Ive heard that there are high fenced areas but I haven't gotten any information on them. Before you all start ripping on me for wanting to go to a "high fence operation", realize that I'm a college student with little money. Traveling to florida isn't an option. Thanks!

From: Zebrakiller
PM sent

From: Fuzzy
not much worth doing in that area, head South to Ok or Tx

From: bghunter
sent a pm if you dont get it let me know

From: KJ
Just returned from No Mercy in Gracemont Oklahoma. Had a great time.

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