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Africa outfitter for our anniversary?
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From: coonazz
My wife and I are looking for an outfitter in Africa for our 10th wedding Anniversary. Can't afford anything on the extreme high-end of things, but something more moderately priced would be nice.

We've only hunted here in states and Canada, and we've never been to Africa before.

Any suggestions with first-hand experience would be appreciated.

From: limbhanger
Melorani Safaris w/Stewart Dorrington. First class and you'll be the only people in camp..perfect for your Anniversary!

From: Bake
My wife and I booked our 10 year anniversary trip to South Africa recently. We booked with Crusader Safaris in South Africa. I don't have any recommendation really, as we won't go until next year, but dealing with Andrew (one of the owners), has so far been a treat.

We won't be hunting very much, just 6 or 7 days of hunting, but we're really looking forward to the trip. Plan to do Capetown, and maybe Victoria Falls. Haven't checked on the logistics of Vic Falls yet.

Have fun planning. You'll get a lot of great advice on here. I sure did


From: writer
Keep us posted on what you learn, Coonazz. It takes some research to find what you can afford, and what you're comfortable with as far as ethics...high fence, pen size, animals born and raised on the grounds or brought in as per you order.

Hoping to go in 2016, but I don't know where, yet. I'd given Melorani careful consideration but some in the know are pointing elsewhere for higher success rates on particular species. Sure seems like a class operation, though.

From: Well-Strung
My family and I have used Stan Burger Safaris and Iwamanzi multiple times. We highly recommend them. They have large venues and are very friendly and go all out for their clients. Our last trip was in March for our honeymoon and was outstanding.

From: INbowdude
I hunted with Dries Vissers and really enjoyed their outfit. Accommodations are great, food is very good, lots of game and the PH's are excellent.

Is your spouse hunting or just traveling along? That will make a big difference on how much time you spend hunting vs. sightseeing.

Best of luck on your decisions.

From: PAstringking
When are you looking to go?

My wife and I are headed over in July. You can join us??

From: coonazz
Thanks all. My wife is definitely hunting too. :)

From: t-roy
Seems to be a lot of 10 year anniversary trips planned!

My wife & I are headed to Limcroma Safaris in July of this year for ours. They are a Bow site sponsor as well.

Can't give you a recommendation on them yet, but I have yet to speak with anyone with a single negative thing to say about them.

From: FLGator
Pm sent

From: TradbowBob
I took my wife to Tshepe, booked through BSC. We had a great time.


From: Chief 419
Coon, PM sent.

From: jerrynocam
Tshepe is out of business thanks to the African government. We were booked with them for August of this year. Thankfully we had booked thru BSC and Neil rebooked us with Melorina for the same time. Apparently if the government wants your land they can just take it.

From: Zebrakiller
I hunted with Bakstaan twice had great trip both times he was standing there when I got off plane and dropped me back off

From: wild1
Which country….?

From: jerrynocam
South Africa

From: llamapacker
I've been to Afica many times. Our favorite trip was to Namibia with Jan Oelofse Safaris. Absolutely first class, with abundant game and reasonably priced. They only hunt plains game, but there are elephants, leopards and lions on the property, which you will see. My wife still talks about watching the lions feed. This is not just your average bush camp, and would be perfect for an anniversary trip. Bill

From: Drahthaar
hunted with african barefoot safries in 2013, had a blast. Reon will do everything he can to put you and your wife on the animal you want. You haven't said are you two bow hunting? Forrest

From: sask_archer
Hunted with Limcroma in September and would highly recommend them. I did not bring my wife but others there did and they had a good time with plenty to do if they do not want to come along on all the hunts. They definitely go out of their way to please hunters and ensure non hunting spouses experience Africa.

From: Firehuntfish

Firehuntfish's Link
Randy & sask_archer,

Thank you both for the kind endorsement... Hannes has really made the effort to create an accommodating atmosphere for those hunters bringing families, wives, & non-hunting companions. This season we are adding even more non-hunting activities to the list of things to do and see ensuring that everyone enjoys the total African experience.

My wife and I always plan at least a day or two to add a non-hunting adventure to the trip. This September we are including a trip up to Victoria Falls and a day of tiger fishing.

From: No Mercy
Be sure to check out Matlabas in the Ellisras area! Great people and a great area to hunt.

From: Toby
Melorani, Thesepe or Limcroma will provide you a great time. i had hunted with them

From: coonazz
wow - thank you all for the posts and messages. Starting to do some homework now.

I have used BSC to hunt 3 countries there and every trip has been was perfect, not just the hunting, but the people were fantastic (In RSA I went with Melorani, Stewart is over the top good, and BSC set it up). If you're looking for a more wild and adventuress place I hunted Shockey's RSA place on the Eastern Cape. It was an incredible ranch and had tones of game and was mountainous and spot and stalk as a couple full time creeks run through it.

From: coonazz
thanks all. Still looking.

From: wild1
Look at Dries Visser.

From: Scotty

Scotty's embedded Photo
Scotty's embedded Photo
I would highly recommend African Barefoot Safari's. Elmay will go out of her way to make sure your wife has a special trip. They did an incredible sunset dinner for us in the bush....It was very memorable. Reon will make sure your on animals and the hunting will be great. The other nice thing is if you book with him you can have the lodge to yourself.

From: bdfrd24v
Not to jack a What info can any of you tell me about taking non hunting spouse along?

It looks like coomazz wife is a hunter but how many folks here took non Huntin wife's? Did they have an honestly good time??

From: safari
I took a none hunting wife on my first safari. She had a blast, and I came home with a hunting partner for life, as she took her first animal. Hunted with a non bowsite sponcer that s very close to Dries and not to far from African Barefoot. My bride had walked with me on hunts for years, just never shot. If your wife will walk with you she will be happy,and there are many side trips you can take to break up the hunt.

From: billc

billc's embedded Photo
billc's embedded Photo
I can say paw print safaris would be a great choice. One of the best hunts I have ever had and at a great price also. Has areas in the limpo and northwest areas with sight seeing trips also to near by parks. Does bow and rifle on areas of 4000 acres to over 12,000 acres.

From: habu john
S. Africa is a blast, took my wife for our 20th anniversary. Make sure to book some things other than hunting though. We even did some diamond shopping.

From: 1Arrow
If I were you contact Neil Summers from Bowhunting Safari Outfitters (BSO) and tell him what you are looking for. I can vouch for Chattaronga Safaris (Phillip Kruger) and Tshepe Safaris (Cobus Mouton). Both book through Neil at BSO. I took my wife and kids to Tshepe in 2008 and had the time of our life. Just went in 2014 with 2 buddies at Chattaronga and was excellent there too. I would strongly suggest planning a photo safari at Kruger national park. They can set that up too. Good luck on your Anniversary trip. South Africa is great.

PM sent

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