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Info on WY pronghorn App dates
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JDM 24-Jan-15
Jason Stafford 24-Jan-15
drycreek 24-Jan-15
WapitiBob 24-Jan-15
Snag 26-Jan-15
midwest 26-Jan-15
Ed 26-Jan-15
From: JDM
I've got 3 PP for pronghorn in WY. I had my eye on a particular unit that I could draw with 3. Two questions: When is the deadline for NR's to apply, and what unit would you recommend that has plenty of public access?

I'd really like to hunt there this year and I don't want to miss the draw. I've heard that Feb 1 is the deadline and I thought I saw on their website that it's the 31st of May.

Thanks for your help.

It's May 31st this year

From: drycreek
I think if you look on the website there is a map that shows public and private, but I didn't tarry over it too much because I know where I'm hunting. You can get a BLM map and that should give you an idea. Somebody that lives there or hunts public in Wy will chime in I'm sure. Good luck !

From: WapitiBob
Elk deadline is feb 2, antelope is June 1.

From: Snag

Snag's Link
Elk deadline for apps for elk is Jan.31. Feb 3 for modifying or withdrawing an app. This is for non-res. Residents is May 31.

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Elk deadline is Feb. 2 this year since the 31st falls on a Saturday.

From: Ed

Ed's embedded Photo
Ed's embedded Photo
Here is a Surface Ownership map I made for this same purpose. Most of the white area is private/no hunting.

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