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Collapsible Water options
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kidwalker 26-Jan-15
Surfbow 26-Jan-15
huntingbob 26-Jan-15
TEmbry 26-Jan-15
TD 27-Jan-15
speedgoat 27-Jan-15
jerrynocam 27-Jan-15
wild1 27-Jan-15
Beendare 27-Jan-15
From: kidwalker
I'm looking over the options for a (RELIABLE) collapsible water storage system . This will be used for 10 days as base camp water storage. I currently have used a Reliance collapsible 5 gal jug, but they always leak and need replaced. I'm considering a 4 gal camp shower, or a dry bag of some sort. We will have to syphon water from small seeps and carry it 1/2 to 3/4 mile to camp , then store as needed. Any recommended options or ideas would be much appreciated.

From: Surfbow
I think Platypus makes collapsible jugs

From: huntingbob
I think they all make good collapsible ones. Some are better but even the cheap Wall Mart ones would worl for one trip.

From: TEmbry
Why not just several platypus type containers? If water is at camp I like the big, thicker plastic 4-5 gallon collapsible jugs from walmart or similar... if I had to pack it I'd prefer multiple 3-4 L bladders that weigh nothing and can be loaded into packs easier.

From: TD
I was about to post when I saw TEmbry did.

What he said.

From: speedgoat
I prefer several smaller Platypus containers. They are easy to pack and take up very little room when empty.

From: jerrynocam
I've been using the Walmart jugs in elk camp the last few years. I find them better than the reliance brand. The spigot is better and they seem to have heavier plastic than the other. They are cheap enough I just replace them every year.

From: wild1

wild1's Link
Have a look here:

From: Beendare
Yeah, i've used those Reliance jugs and they are good for about a year- nothing worse than hauling on in a backwoods camp and it leaks- beenthere.

i have a couple of the Nalgene 96 oz ones on Wild1's link to REI. I would like that platypus version but for $40 they are pretty proud of that.

Has anyone used those Seattle Sports aqua sto that are on that page on sale?

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