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South Dakota Coyotes
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jrhurn mobile 29-Jan-15
Brotsky 29-Jan-15
LKH 29-Jan-15
StrutNut 29-Jan-15
mtoomey 29-Jan-15
JayZ 29-Jan-15
Z Barebow 29-Jan-15
Looking to do a family trip to the Dakotas for some coyote hunting and family fun.

Need some advice on which region.



From: Brotsky
James, this is the coyote state for good reason. The filthy buggers are everywhere. I would try west river, base out of Rapid City. Lots of public land to call on and lots for the family to do when not chasing song dogs.

P.S. Kill as many as you can and then kill some more! Please!

From: LKH
Get a gps with property ownership chip. If you are going during the off season for big game, knock on doors. You will be pleasantly surprised at your reception in many cases.

From: StrutNut
West river is more fun than the eastern part of the state. I hunted a lot of the MO river breaks and had a blast. I also ran up the Cheyenne on the non tribal side with good luck getting permission from landowners.

From: mtoomey

mtoomey's embedded Photo
mtoomey's embedded Photo
I'd go to Vermillion. ;)

From: JayZ
Yes, Toomey. Lot's of the mangy mutts there.

From: Z Barebow
Careful boys! My daughter attends college in Vermillion.

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