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We gat 8 inches of snow will this cause
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Ole Coyote 29-Jan-15
oldgoat 29-Jan-15
Bigpizzaman 30-Jan-15
shade mt 30-Jan-15
oldgoat 30-Jan-15
lawdy 30-Jan-15
cityhunter 30-Jan-15
Topgun 30-06 30-Jan-15
From: Ole Coyote
Running my Beagle in the soft snow for bunnies will this hurt he paws or will the cold cause leg problems?

From: oldgoat
Might want some booties, he will get ice balls between his toes. Just makes them raw, don't think it does permanent damage. I think dogs that live outside year round have more fur on their paws and have less problems, dogs that live in the house have less fur and more problems. Just keep an eye on them and help clean out the ice balls from time to time.

From: Bigpizzaman
Speaking of "Ice Balls" how tall is that dog?

From: shade mt
like oldgoat dogs have a bit of a tougher time than outside dogs. But it won't hurt him no.

Stop and think for a moment and you could answer your own question.

Foxes, coyotes, wolves......doubt they get booties very often.

From: oldgoat
Funny bigpizzaman!

From: lawdy
I run beagles up here on the border. The only thing that hurts a beagle is crusty snow. My 13 inch male will power through 2 feet of soft snow all day. You can buy pad toughener from Nite Light, but I only use that if the crust is cutting. My guy runs pretty much all year so he is in good shape.

From: cityhunter
the crust type is hard on there chest ! Lot of energy to jump, plenty of water

From: Topgun 30-06
Powder show is great for them to run it. As was mentioned, it's the crusty, hard stuff that can bugger them up and not just their pads!

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