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QQ Archery 07-Feb-15
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Hi Folks, my name is Jonathan Vanek and I would like to introduce you to our company, QQ Archery. Here at QQ Archery we produce a great new bowfishing product. This has been called one of the first truly unique products to hit the archery world in decades. This product recently was awarded the American Outdoors TV 2015 Product of the Year!! I would like to introduce you to


The issue in bow hunting comes down to two things….not being seen moving and making a clean, stable shot. You can have all of the best equipment in the world, but if you can’t stay still you might as well throw it all out and start the long walk back.

PURPOSE This exciting new device eliminates fatigue simply by deploying the QQ Archery Support System when needed. Now you can support the weight of your bow, in the ready position, while waiting to shoot your game or target. We all remember those seemingly endless times holding up our bows that came to a crashing halt. We just could not hold the bow in the ready position and stay steady any longer. The new QQ Archery Support System allows the archer to experience stealth and steadiness at the most critical time. When you are ready, simply lift the support leg slightly off the ground and shoot. SCORE! When the support system is no longer needed, it simply retracts, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of carrying your bow by your new support system and not your bowstring. It is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to use. Check out our website for some great videos that show exactly what we are talking about. From the most agile hunter to the most physically challenged, the QQ Archery Support System gives you the edge.


The Support System has two primary models; The “Original Quiver-Less Quiver Combo” provides full functionality that encompasses a quiver and support stick into one unit. The “Grizzly” and “Stealth” Stick models allow you to experience the benefits of the “Support System” while enabling you to use your own quiver. Basically this is the support leg by itself. If you love your current quiver, no problem...mount it directly with our support system.

MAXIMUM BENEFITS Turkey Either standing or kneeling, the Support System is completely adjustable to anyone’s height, holding the bow at eye level for long periods of time.

Ground Blind QQ Archery’s Support System will keep you stealth when face to face for that critical opportunity, keeping your bow off the ground and out of the dirt, water, weeds, sticks and mud.

Bow Fishing Those long hours of holding your bow, waiting for that elusive shot only to have fatigue set in and putting your bow down. BAM! There he is before your able to grab your bow, he is gone. With your QQ Archery Support System you will always be ready.

Tree Stand Versatile enough for any conditions! When height is not needed, minimize your support system to just one inch below your cam! No more bruises or pain on your leg or your foot from supporting your bow, taking away the chance of damage to your cam from sitting it on metal.

Stalking No matter how close the game is, the QQ Archery’s Support System allows you to stay perfectly still, with your bow in the ready position for as long as needed without the onset of fatigue. Can be used to stabilize binoculars while glassing for long periods of time.

Don’t Get Caught Shaking……Get Your QQ Archery Support System!!! 1-855-937-7727

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