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Best Boot Insoles?
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From: critrgitr
What type of aftermarket insoles does everyone like in their hunting boots and why? There are a lot of options out there, but not many stores close that have much of a selection. I will be ordering new boots from Lathrop and Sons so I am interested in hearing reviews of their High country Synergy foot beds. I haven't had great luck with the gel type insoles holding up well. I weigh 235 lbs, so I abuse the insoles a bit and need something that will hold up. I have also heard great things about the superfeet insoles. Thanks

I bought a pair with the last boots I ordered from L&S. I think they are great.....much better than the gel jobs.

No complaints about Synergy foot beds!

From: kota-man
I'm about your weight. I love the L&S Insoles. Couldn't get Super Feet to work for me, but many do.

From: Scoot
To decide which insoles you need, you'll want to know why you need aftermarket insoles. There are two main reasons why people need aftermarket insoles: cushion or support. Do you want ones that cushion or do you need support? If you need support and all you get is cushion, you'll be disappointed and if you need cushion and only get support, you'll similarly be disappointed.

Everyone told me about Superfeet and after spending a bunch of money on dang near every product they made, I decided they simply wouldn't work for me. I tried a cheap pair of Dr. Scholl's insoles and they were much better than the Superfeet that cost five times as much. That's not to say Superfeet aren't good for some, it's just that they didn't offer what I needed. I've since found three options that provide the cushion I need in varying thicknesses. I find that filling the boot, including the toebox, with as much insole as I can (without squishing my toes) provides the best fit for me and offers the maximum amount of cushion the bottoms of my feet need to cover a lot of miles in the mountains. YMMV

From: Mad Trapper
Another vote for L&S. I only managed to get blisters when trying Super Feet.

From: trkyslr
theperfectinsole.com Email rob or call him if you have questions or order inquires. Rob 209-223-0266. I love them and have them in all my boots and shoes.

From: Stekewood
I use L&S insoles too. Liked them so much in my hunting boots that I put them in my work shoes also.

From: JTreeman
I've never used the synergy's but use super feet (green) in most of my boots, both hunting and work. I really like the support, but can see how they may be hard to get used to.


From: jims
I would have to agree with Scoot's post above. I tried a couple Superfeet and they were way too hard for my particular feet. I have wimpy feet and need more padding. I bought a pair of Spencos at Sportsman's for around $30 and they work fantastic....they have more padding so I have to buy a 1/2 to 1 size larger boot so they fit right. You may want to try a cheap pair of insoles before spending a bunch on others.

I also use thorlo socks that come in different thicknes and padding. I like the thorlos because they dry super fast and have additional padding in the bottom and certain spots on the top of the socks. The combo of great socks and insoles definitely makes a big difference!

I have L&S insoles in my boots too. I purchased a pair and Steve at Lathrop called me and said that he was sending me a different pair because they found a defect in the first pair. He didn't want them back so I put the first pair in another pair of boots.

Not only do that make fantastic boots but they are some great guys to share a campfire with.

From: wyliecoyote
Another vote for Spenco....I have used the "Green" ones for many years and have always been pleased with the product.


From: Dave
Superfeet must offer some pretty good incentives to retailers to push their product because I'm amazed at how the salesmen tout them like they're the cat's meow. I have two different pairs(only because they were given to me) and they're crap IMO. Granted, they offer better support than most OTC shoes and boots have in them. But, if I was gonna spend money on aftermarket insoles, I'd look into some of the other brands. SF are overpriced and overrated.

From: critrgitr
Thanks for the responses. I will give the L&S High Country Synergy a try.

From: 4blade
I like cork

From: TD
What Scoot said.

In my Shnees I like the extra support of the superfeet with the rubber bottoms. With the Russells I like a softer more padded insole. The support in the boot is good.

Wear your boots for a while. Then decide what would make them better.... if anything. Could be the stock insoles work just fine for you.

From: willliamtell
Is anybody talking about personalized fit? Everyone's footshape and arch is different, so an insole that works great for one guy might be terrible for another.

The best insoles I have are the custom orthotics I got when I had to spend some medical account $$ by the end of the year. Other than that, I try out of the box ones on and see if they seem to match the bottom contours of my feet. None of those amazes me, but all of them help.

From: Tracker
Super feet for me. I have them in my boots and golf shoes.


texascowhunter's Link
willliamtell is right everyone is has different feet.. I myself couldn't stand superfeet insoles they just dug into my feet instead I bought some random pair (I will provide a link) which worked perfectly for my flat feet. Iv had custom insoles before too and they would just not give my feet any room at all as insoles need to adapt not be fixed like custom insoles are.

I have been using Orthoheel Active full length inserts daily in my work boots and I am pleased with them. They do take a little getting used to but give great support and easily fit into my normal sized boots. Run about $40.

From: PSUArcher
I've had good luck with the meindl inserts from cabelas. They are cork and run about $30.

Agree that everyones feet are different, and that you have to decide what you are looking for. For me personally, I have alot of knee and ankle trouble, and was told by my doctor to try an insole that will have some arch support. This led to a lot of trial and error.

I ended up trying three different pairs of insoles. I started with green superfeet. These are a very thin insole with a pretty aggressive hard arch support. These insoles take a while to get used to, but I currently wear them all the time, in sneakers, dress shoes, and boots. When I first tried them, I could only wear them an hour or two at a time, until I finally got my feet used to them. Now I cannot wear regular insoles, for more than a day, before my legs start hurt.

Next up I tried an insole called SOLE in my lowa tibets. They are a semi rigid insole that are heated in the oven and then placed in your boot while still hot, then worn until they mold to your feet. The arch in these are not super hard, which means people with flat feet should be able to use them. I really like these, and they hold up really well.

Next up I tried the synergy footbed from Lathrop and Sons. I got these for a pair of HanWags I ordered. These were a real disappointment for me. The quality was there, but they are a flat insole with a lot of cushioning. Without the arch support, they left me with a lot of pain. I'm not saying they are not a good insole, just that for me they did not work. I know that some people swear by them, so they might work for you, but didn't for me.

I guess my advice to you is start with the cheaper Dr. Scholls with cushioning, and see if that the route you are looking for, then try something with a medium arch support, and try them also. But don't get discouraged if the first day they hurt, it might take a while for you feet to get used to them.

From: huntingbob
Last year I was really wanting a very thin Pair of the DR Sholls on top of my green super feet insoles a few days and others days I never even thought about it. The SF insoles work but there are times I wished they were just a little softer. Sheep hunting is fun but when your feet hurt so does the rest.

huntingbob, try the orange superfeet same as the green ones, only they have a little more padding on the bottom.

Along the lines of "everyones feet are different" I tried the memory foam inserts and it feels like I'm walking on air.

From: sycan
SOLE EV Ultra (the blue colored insole) at yoursole.com have been my favorites in my Lowa boots for hunting.

From: Deernut

Deernut's Link
I have Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles . Definitely it is one of the best Insoles on the market . Dr. Scholl’s has always been a brand name associated with inserts; therefore, it’s a name brand that offers a reputable product such as the Massaging Gel Work Insoles. These inserts are constructed with a gel platform that cushions and support your feet, plus reduces the aches and pains associated with tired feet. In addition, depending on the support you require, the gel comes in a variety of thickness; the firmer the gel, the more support. Plus, because of the inclusive gel in the inserts, they also provide a massaging quality, and for those who are subjected to hard surfaces for lengthy periods of time, this can be an added benefit. Furthermore, they are tough enough to withstand a hard working man’s lifestyle. http://www.bootratings.com/best-insoles-for-work-boots/ has great and informational reviews about this issue .

Dr. Scholl's from Wal-Mart have worked well enough for me, but I am not hiking long distances hunting the midwest.

From: Scoot
I need cushion and lots of it under my feet. I really like the way some of the gel insoles feel and work for me, but they tend to be very heavy. I have found several that do a great job of cushioning my feet that weigh much less than the gel options I have used.

I do have a gel insole in a pair of boots I wear around home- feel great! I use them in there because I'm not hiking the mountains in them and don't care about the extra weight.

From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's Link
I'm a big fan of "Rockin Feet". Very comfortable and carry a 1-year warranty.

From: Bowman
Hi critrgitr, I think I can help you with some best insoles you can wear if you have flat feet pain. There are several insoles you can try like Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Insoles, Samurai Insoles Orthotics for Flat Feet, Sof Sole Airr Full-Length Performance Gel Shoe Insole, etc. If you try these insoles then it would be better for you. However, if you want to know more then you can look at BestFootCares.com

From: stevepslab

stevepslab's Link
Dr. Scholl’s has always been a brand name associated with inserts; therefore, it’s a name brand that offers a reputable product such as the Massaging Gel Work Insoles. These inserts are constructed with a gel platform that cushions and supports your feet, plus reduces the aches and pains associated with tired feet. In addition, depending on the support you require, the gel comes in a variety of thickness; the firmer the gel, the more support. Plus, because of the inclusive gel in the inserts, they also provide a massaging quality, and for those who are subjected to hard surfaces for lengthy periods of time, this can be an added benefit. Furthermore, they are tough enough to withstand a hard working man’s lifestyle.

From: Matt
L&S for me, but the insole is going to be dictated by boot volume.

From: dalton2662

dalton2662's Link
It's reasonable to buy quality things for yourself, so that my feet do not sweat and do not freeze in frost, I also want to note that not only do I help insoles. I bought thick heat-resistant socks with heating https://under-the-open-sky.com/best-socks-for-hunting/, do not itch like wool, it does not slip due to inserts, it was warm on a winter night.

From: dalton2662

dalton2662's Link

From: WapitiBob
Superfeet and Sole are too hard and slick for me. Dr Scholes athletic and Lathrop insoles work best in my boots. Lathrop take up less volume than the Scholes so I went with those in my Hanwag Alaska.

Ditto on the Lathrop & Sons High Country insoles, they're the best I've ever used. Superfeet are too hard and slick for me too. My feet slide around inside the boot when I use them...

From: kota-man
Another faithful user of the L&S Insoles here. I have a high volume forefoot and most insoles are too much volume for me. The Lathrop insoles work perfect for me.

From: lv2bohunt
Dr. Scholls athletic, I use them in all my shoes and boots.

From: elkster
Another vote for L and S. After trying superfeet.

From: Alpinehunter
A high arch and cushioning are critical for me which means a pretty high volume support. Trial, error, and patience is the only method for finding the right insole for a particular boot. It has taken me over 10 years to find Powerstep Protech Control a couple of years ago and they work wonders for me. Totally cured a bad case of persistent plantar fasciitis for me. I bought 6 pairs and wear them in all of my footwear that they fit in.

Happy Feet Inserts,,,,, love them

From: MathewsMan
L&S Synergy are sold at Cabelas as well. If James or Steven do not custom cut them for your shoes- and you buy some, my tip would be cut them about 1/4" longer than the stock insoles since they tend to skrink up just a tad after you have them in the boots a while.

I have a pair in all of my hunting boots.

From: Tilzbow
In order of preference and they’re all good.

Custom orthotics with cork heel with orthotic foam of different thickness depending on the boots. I got a pair made in 2012 due to a genetic foot issue (Celtic Foot) that’s caused arthritis in the ball joint of my right foot and now have four pairs for each of my boots.

Sole custom moldable

Super Feet


The only thing I don’t like about the custom pairs is that I’ve gotten blisters a couple of times and I don’t normally don’t get them. The perfect pair would be custom moldable with L&S type overlays.

From: Bou'bound
Even th dr scholls can be helpful

From: Shawn
The Good Feet Store, custom insoles made for you. Some insurance companies even cover the cost, mine did. Nothing better and not that pricey even if you have to pay. I am not sure what states they are in but pretty sure they have stores nationwide! Shawn

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