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Cull hunt for Sept/Okt 2015
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Badlands 18-Feb-15
Drahthaar 18-Feb-15
Good day,

2x Bluewildebeest Bulls 2x bluewildebeest Cows 2x waterbuck Cows 2x Impala Rams 2x Impala Ewes 4x Baboons 2x Jackal

16 Animals ten days of hunting for one or two hunters!

One hunter, $6850 Two Hunters, $8850

Include animals, food, drinks, traveling to and from airport, PH, Tracker, skinner, laundry, cook etc etc

From: Badlands
If you have any extras around when we come in August I may have to take a few. I should pack some extra arrows just in case.

I have a little bowshop in town...we can build some arrows when you run out...LOL

From: Drahthaar
Reon that would be a fun hunt. Forrest

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