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Blesbok Impala Capes
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HockeyDad 17-Feb-15
hyarcher 02-Apr-15
dave kaden 02-Apr-15
From: HockeyDad
I have a tanned Blesbok and 2 Impala capes if anyone out there needs them.

When I got my capes back from Africa I decided to have them all tanned just in case.

Finally decided that I really like the Euro Mounts on the small critters and don't need to spend the money on shoulder mounts.

If anyone has a need for these, PM me and I will get back with you.

They have been tanned less than 2 years, stored in a cool dark (and dry) room and appear to be in excellent shape.

From: hyarcher
interested,e mail me prices

From: dave kaden
I am interested in the blesbox cape, pm me also DK

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