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Happy Valley and 70 North Alaska Caribou
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WildYote 25-Feb-15
Nick Muche 25-Feb-15
Bill Obeid 26-Feb-15
Buskill 26-Feb-15
StormCloud 02-Mar-15
Stekewood 03-Mar-15
razorsharp 03-Mar-15
Mike Lawrence 03-Mar-15
Stekewood 03-Mar-15
Nick Muche 03-Mar-15
Stekewood 04-Mar-15
From: WildYote
Has anyone used 70 North for an un-guided caribou hunt? I am planning a hunt for 2016 as my brother and I would like to take our dad as he is still in shape to do it. Any information would be apreciated. Thanks

From: Nick Muche
Heard nothing but good things about them. I'd book without hesitation. Late August!

From: Bill Obeid
I've been flying with Mike for over 20 years. Last time was 2012. They fly safe. No cowboy antics. Of course that can mean extra days in field waiting for fair weather , but I see that as a positive.

Pm me if you need specifics

From: Buskill
My buddy used them, he was happy. I hope to get the chance one day.

From: StormCloud
I killed a nice bull every time Ive been up there. I never flew out with Mike but met him in Happy Valley several times. Great guy, straight shooter. I hiked in from the road and did fine., seen lots of caribou. In fact my largest bull was taken on the hill across from the air strip in Happy Valley.. You will have a great hunt.

From: Stekewood
What are the options for getting to Happy Valley for non residents who fly into Anchorage?

From: razorsharp
Steke, you'll likely fly to Deadhorse via Alaska Air then be driven to happy valley.

Easiest and most standard is a flight to Deadhorse, but fairly expensive. Seventy north has a shuttle van I believe and i think they might charge for it.

You can get creative and try something a little different and maybe save some money if there are two or more of you.

Flights to Fairbanks are pretty cheap, then you could rent a vehicle from there to drive up the haul road. I believe there are different outfits, but this is the one I had heard of. Standard vehicle rental outfits out of anchorage do not let you drive on the haul road, the last i was told, but verify that information for yourself.

This place even does shuttles from Fairbanks.

Note, I haven't used any of these, always driven from Anchorage with family.

From: Stekewood
Thanks guys. It's a trip that my buddy and I would like to do but need to work on the logistics.

From: Nick Muche

Depending on dates I'd be willing to help you out with a truck if you flew to FBX. Let me know if your interested.


From: Stekewood
Thanks Nick! The hunt schedule for this year is already full and we are looking at this for a year or two down the road. Will touch base before finalizing plans.

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