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greenmountain 19-Mar-15
Bill Obeid 20-Mar-15
Tomorrow is opening day of Vermont's muskrat season. These critters are partially responsible for my hunting life. I bought my first muskrat license with "rat hides. The trapper loaned me the $2.25 for my first hunting license. Instead of cash repayment he allowed me.50 per rat. I came ahead so I could buy a box of.22 ammo by the end of the season. The gentleman was not too profit motivated as he taught me to skin and stretch the hides so I could make double elsewhere. I have attempted to pass on the tradition. I posted here as I suspect many in this group have a similar story.

From: Bill Obeid
Muskrat has such a soft beautiful fur. I could never understand why it wasn't more popular. Maybe if it would have been called Muskmink ?

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