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What are the cost $ using a transporter
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Widow sax 08-Apr-15
TEmbry 08-Apr-15
Pete In Fairbanks 08-Apr-15
From: Widow sax
I have checked out quicksilver they have no prices I would like to know what are all the cost in using a transporter. I have done backpack in hunts for elk the last 7 years and I am looking to do something different and I am not interested in using a guide. Widow

From: TEmbry
Call the transporters. Everyone has different rates. Some charge per person for the hunt, others simply charge by flight hour. Some have great reputations, some have terrible ones.

It can be done for a few thousand all inclusive if you are frugal in your planning.

Since you mentioned QuickSilver Air, I assume you want someone to fly you out.

The price will depend on how far out you wish to be flown.

If you get dropped off 30 minutes from town, it will be one price. If you are flying for 2 hours before you get dropped off, that will obviously be more.

Sometimes you can get an air taxi or transporter to haul you for "tach time" or flight hours off the meter. Sometimes they have a set rate for transport to specific areas.

Transporters are not guides. YOU need to select the area where you wish to be transported.


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