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Unit 9 AZ Antelope Archery Tag
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flmphoenix 10-Apr-15
David A. 10-Apr-15
Ghostinthemachine 10-Apr-15
glass eye 10-Apr-15
Huntcell 11-Apr-15
glass eye 11-Apr-15
Yates 11-Apr-15
flmphoenix 13-Apr-15
bowbender77 14-Apr-15
Ghostinthemachine 15-Apr-15
David A. 15-Apr-15
From: flmphoenix
New to the site and looking for idea on where to focus in Unit 9. My wife and I got drawn for the "tough to draw" Unit 9 Archery Antelope tag. Only 5 tags issued so won't be a lot of pressure, but we have never hunted Antelope(wife's first year hunting archery period!) and we have no idea where to start scouting. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

From: David A.
Talk to the unit game warden/biologist. I think the unit description on the AZ website does have some useful information on the distribution of the various game species is in the unit.

Just drive around until you see some good bucks. It ain't hard.

From: glass eye
Last year I drew unit 19 and it only took 17 points. I went 3 days prior to opener to scout and it was 2 days too much, only took 1 day to find a nice one. Killed it on the 5th day of the hunt.

From: Huntcell
Only 17 points!!!

Bow or gun?

From: glass eye
11-Apr-15 all those years I only applied for archery NR.

From: Yates
Start your scouting in the Southwest portion of the Unit. You'll find pretty open plains on the West side of 64 about 6 miles south of Tusayan.

From: flmphoenix
Thank you all for the quick responses. It seems like it could be a "hot" hunt that time of year and water will come into play as well based on what I have read.

From: bowbender77
Waterhole hunting that time of year is hit or miss depending what the Monsoon dishes out. As far as difficulty goes, for anyone who thinks IT AINT HARD, could maybe explain why the hunt success in 2013 on 5 tags was 0%. A talk with the Biologist/Warden is a good idea. I would not overlook some of the higher elevation areas in the Pinion-Ponderosa transition zones. GOOD LUCK!

What I meant by "it ain't hard" is that it's usually not very hard to locate antelope....of course if there aren't any in the unit it could be a little more difficult. lol

From: David A.
Game and Fish should split the unit for Antelope east-west. There would be no conflict between hunters. They could also quadruple the number of hunter days afield with a tractional bow hunt permit.

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