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Double bow case recommendations
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Beendare 19-Apr-15
From: bow4christ
I''m looking for any recommendations for an excellent double bow case for a trip with my son to South Africa. I have a Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo and he has a Bowtech Destroyer 350. Thanks in advance for the help!

From: Bou'bound

From: Firehuntfish

From: deerhaven
Put a lot of miles on my SKB's with no problems whatsoever. Then I Bought a tuffpak by Nalpak. SKB's been collecting dust ever since. It is way more versatile by letting you pack in more gear because of weight and space. It also looks more like a golf bag container than a hunting equipment case which never hurts. Mine has as many miles as my SKB's and has held up a little better.

From: AZ~Rich
SKB x3... Mine has seen three trips to Africa and plenty of other flights. Still works as intended. Albeit the Tuffpak also seems to be a good option.

From: goldy2416
I use a double bow case by Americase. Very sturdy, high gauge aluminum, fits parallel limb bows. I have used it on a dozen airline trips to Canada and out west- bows and gear always arrived in great condition. Case, plus two bows, arrows, related gear, and stuffed with clothes weighs in at 50 pounds.

From: Buffalo1
I have had great success with my Pole Mountain double bow case. Might want to consider one.

From: Butcher
Pole mountain. Great case. Tried the skb couldn't get it to work with my element and z7 mag. Only way they would fit is if I took my sights and quivers off. still have to take quivers off with pole but fits better. If you have a z7 ex I don't think it will fit pm. Tried it

Skb was great for us and still gets a lot of use

From: deerhaven
One of the reasons I that I went to Tuffpak was I could fit 2 bows of any make in it with sights and quivers attached. I could fit in both my element and my Alpha Max or any other bow I own. I could also fit in an arrow case with pre-spun arrows with broadheads attached. Pad with sleeping bag and clothes. When I get to camp I am ready to hunt.

From: Russell
Tuffpak Not cheap but nothing will get damaged.

From: jstephens61
SKB is the only way to go. Two Elites made it to RSA and back with no problems. Get a couple good TSA locks and I put zip locks in the other holes. They were cut on the way over but not on the return trip. Pack your clothes in with the bows, extra padding. Take a look at the TracDot luggage tracker.

From: bearhunter
Bowhaven which model tuffpac are you using to get 2 bows in.

From: deerhaven
I have the 1442 bowcase. I can get 2 bows with the sights and quivers attached. I have even gotten a 3rd bare bow in with no issues. I routinely put in a shotgun and fishing rods. Over all way more usable space than SKB. I have 2 SKBs that have served me well but both show more wear than the Tuffpak with the same amount of travel (a lot) on them. I also would never like to have to give up the wheels as they make life a lot easier. I almost choked when I went to their site and saw current prices but I bought mine over 5 years ago at a show and got the show price so I forgot how pricey they are. That being said if I lost mine I would replace it in a heartbeat with the same case.

From: Hugh
I have one of their bow/rifle combo cases. it holds two or three bows or two bows and a rifle. Took it to Africa with no problems. Had lots of room for all my accessories.

From: Beendare

Beendare's embedded Photo
Beendare's embedded Photo
Heres what I'm using now. I used to use a SKB double but now with 1)the luggage weight restrictions, 2) TSA inspecting everything and rearranging my stuff I needed a strong/light versatile bag.I put my bow in a soft case in the bottom of the Sitka Nomad- plenty of room for another bow and gear...or just lots of other gear.

This leaves no chance TSA is going to jigger it around and have something rubbing on my string/cables, breaking fiber optic pins, etc. It also solves the problem of how to bring enough stuff....especially on the return trip.

Its really a slick setup at 11# for the bag as with the 50# weight restrictions I can pack a bunch of extra gear vs. some of the heavy cases.

From: bowhunt1

From: Drahthaar
Pole Mountain. Forrest

From: Drop tine
What bag is that been dare?

From: Spiral Horn
Have been many times and owned Kalispel, SKB, and others. Best I've found is Pole Mountain Outfitters. It will fit two bows, all accessories, and even a few clothing items. Case is foam lined and holds bows very securely. It is also lighter and smaller dimensions than most -- less likely to get airline hassle.

Going to Africa again this year with two bows -- that's what I'll be using.

From: Beendare
DT, Its the Sitka Nomad...I think Mtn archery still has them 20% off...

Great bag....getting ready to ebay my SKB dbl but its going to be a bear to ship...

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