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New World Record Woodland Caribou!
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From: Mowz55

Mowz55's embedded Photo
Mowz55's embedded Photo

Mowz55's Link
New World Record Woodland Caribou Confirmed, Wins Coveted Ishi Award

From: mountainman

mountainman's embedded Photo
mountainman's embedded Photo
Here it is at the convention. Awesome animal.

From: Mark Watkins
An incredible animal with an even better story!

Congrats to the hunter!!!


That's a dandy congrats to the hunter.

Wowza. 39 inches larger than number 2? Back points oh my!!

From: tradmt
Very cool!

From: Julius K
That is amazing!

From: KJC
Absolutely fantastic animal!

From: JM
The backpoints are amazing!

From: Medicinemann
Hell, even the Bez points had "backscratchers", (so to speak)...take a close look...!!!

29 inches larger than former World record which stood since 1966.

From: LIBuck
incredible animal, and i love that new "berry picking" camo pattern!

From: Zackman
It is very impressive in person! Great bull and a humble hunter

From: sureshot
Awesome animal! I wonder if he buys his camouflage clothing at the same place Blacktailbob buys his?

From: WoodMoose
wow is all I can say,,,,,,

From: bowonly
The story given at the awards banquet was he had seen it before, so he took his bow along when he did a family outing to pick blueberrys. Is that blueberry juice on his knee?

The photos don't really do it justice. It could be another 48 years before it is bettered, if ever.

From: Buffalo1
His acceptance speech for the Ishi Award was fantastic- "Thank You" and he sat down.

He seems to be a very humble man. He and his wife were picking berries (he took his bow with him to pick berries), he spotted the animal, then made the stalk and kill.

He never mentioned where they finished picking enough berries that afternoon !!

From: Bou'bound
That sounds like an admission of bou berry baiting which would make that animal ineligible under paragraph 2:3-67 in the pope and young bylaws

From: Rut Nut
Bou'bound- you mean to tell me you never take your bow along when you go acorn picking???!!! ;-)

From: Ohio Jim
Why is he wearing a t-shirt and red shorts? Not your average bowhunting attire. Was it taken in Newfoundland?

From: Kdog
That is pretty cool.

According to the link;

"Samson bagged his record near Gander during what had started off as a blueberry picking trip with his wife. While searching for berry patches, Samson spotted a massive bull caribou and later returned with his hunting equipment. The hunter told reporters that he had several close calls with the bull, but it seemed to spot him every time at 100 yards out. Finally, Samson was able to close in on the animal and down it with a single shot from 15 yards."

"Samson described himself as a meat hunter, and while he is honored to have a world record on his hands, he also added that the caribou was also “pretty good eatin’!”"

From: willliamtell
Ohio Jim

Are you implying that Newfies' choice of hunting attire is "unusual"? Although I confess to not being much on straddling an animal you shot for the hero shot, wear what you got, eh?

From: Ohio Jim
OK, guess I should have known?

From: turkeyhunter

turkeyhunter's embedded Photo
turkeyhunter's embedded Photo
Newfoundland Woodland Caribou today......maybe the next world record is close by.

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