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Mel Dutton Decoy?
Contributors to this thread:
JTreeman 25-Apr-15
Jaquomo 25-Apr-15
JTreeman 25-Apr-15
bowbender77 25-Apr-15
MathewsMan 25-Apr-15
drycreek 25-Apr-15
JTreeman 25-Apr-15
midwest 25-Apr-15
Paul@thefort 03-May-15
steve hay 03-May-15
Dakota 03-May-15
From: JTreeman
I know it's a long shot, and everybody wants one, or hangs on to the one they have. But if anyone is willing to sell a Mel Dutton Antelope decoy I would be interested, and willing to pay top dollar.

I won't hold my breath though ;)

Thanks, --jim

From: Jaquomo
Jim, I know my wife won't want mine when I croak, so I'll put you in my will.

From: JTreeman
Thanks Lou, but I won't hope for that one any time soon!

If you see another lying around keep me in mind though.


From: bowbender77
JIM: P.M. sent.

From: MathewsMan
I can't send PM's from my phone Jim, but send me a PM as I have one

From: drycreek
I have one also. Looks like you're gonna have a whole herd !

From: JTreeman
Thanks guys, PM's sent and replied to.

Thanks, Jim

From: midwest
I would also be interested if Jim doesn't buy them all. Thanks.

From: Paul@thefort
Suggestion for Dutton decoy owners.

The attached stake seems to be too short. I cut mine in half and then added/ welded a 12 in section to make it longer.

Much better now as it stands up higher and is easier to set up behind.

My best, Paul

From: steve hay
Willing to part with mine. Just do not use it anymore. In pretty good shape. Can PM me if you are interested.

From: Dakota
I would be interested in one or two possible if they are the buck. Just send me a message if you have one available.

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