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2015 moose tags drawn
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casper 30-Apr-15
cityhunter 01-May-15
casper 07-May-15
hoytshooter1 07-May-15
t-roy 07-May-15
summitman43 07-May-15
mixed bag 08-May-15
cityhunter 08-May-15
tetoncounty 16-May-15
From: casper
Post them if you draw any. I'm in for Wyoming and Colorado. Should not be long before we find out.

From: cityhunter
may 8th

From: casper
Well it has finally happened i drew my wyoming unit 26 bull moose tag. I have been appyling since 1999 and it finally happened. I have followed along as the years have gone by and watched fellow bowsiters get there moose and have a great time. I will be there the last 15 days of sept hunting with my bow, I have been in contact with a lot of you guys over the years and i even went one year on a scouting trip for 4 days to the area. I will need all your guys help to make this once in a lifetime hunt a success. I have good equipment and still have a stong back at 47 years old. I have stored all my contacts and info i gathered through the years and will reach out to you all when i get it dug out. Thanks for the support through the years private message welcome as well thanks Dan in AZ

From: hoytshooter1
I drew an area 25 tag for Wyoming....finally gonna get my chance

From: t-roy
Congrats casper & hoytshooter1 on your tags!

Looking forward to your success!

From: summitman43
Wy area 25 for me. It's been a long 14 yr wait. Can't wait for sept to get here. Been looking forward to this hunt for a long time. Lucky for me my dad is a taxidermist in wy and has access to private land to hund. Also will get to share the memories of the hunt with him. Congrats to those who drew. Better luck next year to those that didn't.

From: mixed bag
I drew a tag in Ak but odds were 100% so not as tough as that unit 25 Wy tag Goodluck guys.I've watched a nice bull grow up in Wy while there elk hunting.Would see him at camp every year and 2 years ago he was a really nice bull.Can only imagine his size now.

From: cityhunter
CASPER if u need a hand i might be in WY

From: tetoncounty
Wyoming Area 20.

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