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Have always liked their maps, but never looked at or ordered their Unit Maps...Anyone use 'em, pros/cons with boundaries and such?

From: Bowboy
My buddy orders and swears by them!


Start My Hunt's Link
Check out mine if you want a really good map.

Thanks Craig...

SMH, nice site, wrong

From: willliamtell
You have to spend the time to figure out their zoom function, and you may want to split a unit into two maps if it's big enough. Like the customization and the waterproofing.

Don't buy the pre-done ones. The resolution sucks for hunting and the contour lines are in metric.

Make a custom map on their site. Make it smaller. When you zoom in, it'll change the contour lines to feet and you'll actually be able to see real topography.

On the pre-done ones, you can have just a blip in the topography on the lines and there can be a friggen impassable gulch when you're boots-on-the-ground. On the flip side, there can be an area with a huge bench on a cliff and you'll never see it on the pre-done version of the map.

I know where you're going. Two custom maps will get the entire area or 80% of it. It's worth it.

You have the option of having the map rolled or come prefolded. Choose the pre-folded option.

From: Jethro
Idyll's critique is spot on. The pre-done ones are fine for general view of the unit. Where things are relative to borders, towns, different land ownership, etc. But for zeroing in on a particular spot,drainage or basin, the detail is just not there.

From: midwest
I like the unit map as an overview when there is public/private issues. Used it for antelope and combined with more detailed maps.

From: Bill in MI
Agreed on the 3 comments above. Overview purposes only, text in some areas is illegible.

From: Z Barebow
I will repeat what others have stated. Unit maps are ok for overview. I have purchased several of them as I look over general/OTC units. But for hunting purposes, they are useless.

When I decide which unit/units I want to hunt, I custom build maps once I drill down. I am still a sucker for 7.5 minute maps!

From: SoDakSooner
Find the national geographic trail maps for the units you hunt. I really like them. Good quality and waterproof too. I do use the mytopo's but they are really only good to get a general idea like others have said.

Hey, as long as it's better than what is used by the Dept...I just need boundaries, so it should be fine...

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