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Best Time to Hunt Mt Goat in WY
Mountain Goat
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goyt 10-May-15
jims 10-May-15
SouthernWyo 10-May-15
cityhunter 11-May-15
chasin bugles 11-May-15
goyt 19-May-15
From: goyt
I drew a unit 3 MT Goat tag in WY. It would be nice to hunt them in mid Oct. when the coats are full. However I have tried to hunt moose with a bow in MT late and it snowed 12", thawed and refroze so that it was impossible to sneak up on one. What are your thoughts on timing for a bow hunt?

From: jims
Around the 1at of Oct is when the billies start to get nice coats. It depends on whether you want to gamble and risk tough conditions or willing to hunt early when their coats are fairly short. You could always go in Sept and have everything scouted out for Oct? Grow practically grows by the day in early Oct so the longer you can wait the better for a gorgeous haired goat. If you have them scouted out it may not take many days to be successful.

From: SouthernWyo
Last year there was very little snow in the area until after the first of November, and you could access the units throughout the entire season. I wouldn't count on it though, and I would personally try to hunt before mid October. By all accounts, unit 3 is tougher than 1 next door, with a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'd get in there as early as I could and hunt as much as possible. Hair will be fine by late September.

From: cityhunter
easy tag to fill !

Piece of cake Goyt, nothing hard about a mountain goat with a bow. ;) P.M. sent.

From: goyt
Thank you for the responses. It looks like I will start hunting the first full week in October and hunt until I get one or the season closes. Being a NR I decided to get a guide. He will be hunting sheep in the area and feels that he will have some Billies located before I get there.

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