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Hunting mid Oct.
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I have a chance to Bow hunt in Limpopo. But the hunt won't start till around Oct 13th. Does any have any knowledge, experience, bow hunting that late in the year.

Please give me you thoughts. Thanx

From: AZ~Rich
It will be warming up considerably in Oct compared to Sept weather. Being Spring at that time, there will be: more green/thick vegetation making for slightly less visibility, more rain,so the water holes might not be quite as active more daylight hours and finally I might add more snake sightings. The increased daytime heat can be a factor when sitting in some enclosed blinds and certainly does affect the speed of hair slippage on hides of certain species that are shot and not found until later. This is all too true for the smaller spiral horns like some Kudu, Nyala and Bushbuck. I still think it would be a fun to hunt there anytime I could, but most of their regular seasons are finished by then.

From: Chief 419
AZ-Rich is spot on. I think you'll have still have enough shot opportunities to bust your budget.

From: Buffalo1
Amount of rainfall will be the key. If limited rainfall the waterholes will be the place to be. If the rains have set in then stalking will be the key and the vegetation will help hide hunter movement while stalking.

The latest I have ever hunted RSA is mid-Sept and foliage had already broken out. The bush was beautiful.

Thanx for the info.

From: safari
hunting will be good, just hot

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