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Idaho F & G is cruel...
Mountain Goat
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From: ki-ke
Talk about not Effin funny.......

I applied for an archery goat tag, for the 1st time ever in Idaho, in a long odds unit. I've not paid any mind to the draw dates, have not been running to the mailbox, no aspirations that I would actually draw. The app was way back burner on my radar.

Today, I got home early, pulled the mail and started going through it as I was in the middle of a business call. Mail from Idaho F& G? I'm certain it's my "better luck next year, thanks for the donation" letter. Inside the envelope is a hunting license and on the next piece of paper, all that catches my eye is "1st choice, Mountain Goat" with hunt area details and other stuff. I dropped the phone and started doing a stupid dance in my kitchen....when I picked up the phone, the guy on the other end was getting ready to dial 911. He thought I was being attacked. I told him all was ok, hurried him off the phone, then sat down to slowly digest all the little pieces of paper said and bask in the glory of a tag I was sure I would never draw.

As I began reading and the excitement became hard to contain, the little disclaimer on the bottom has me now contemplating a drive from NJ to Idaho with a shovel and bag of lime.....(goodfellas reference)


You suck, Idaho Fish and Game. You truly suck......

Now I feel a little stupid. My older brother used to tell me I was really good at playing stupid because I always respect....

From: Medicinemann
....but a great story nonetheless.....the ability to laugh at oneself is priceless...

From: PAstringking
Lol. Yep. Some guy was telling me he drew a Big Horn tag in Idaho on Friday. I hated to be the giver of bad news but they didn't even do the draw yet.

From: tacklebox
LMBO... I mean damn, that's funny

From: HuntingAdict
Did almost the same thing the first time I applied to ID for goat as well....I feel your pain.

From: ki-ke
I'm beginning to feel better that I'm not the only one.....

Does this mean I can now punch my brother in the face? Even though he hasn't pointed out that I'm stupid in at least 40 years??

Funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh

Ha Ha Ha, Hooo Boy! I'll be laughing so hard at you...once I get home, stare at my tag and LE Permit, double check the return address, pinch myself a couple of times and scrutinize all fine print for the thirtieth time.

Ho, ho, ho. 'Cause... I've never gotten excited about something, thinking that karma has swung the other way, only to have my excitement, hopes and aspirations drained, crushed and discarded like a Keystone Light can at a drag race.

Well, at least not since this morning.

Good luck during the draw. Hoping your dance was premature, not unnecessary.

From: Mt. man
As a lifelong Idaho resident it did make me laugh a bit WITH you. However, with almost 33 years of putting in for Idaho hunts my blood pressure still raises a bit when I see mail with their logo on it. Rarely good news, but excitement none the less.

From: Jaquomo
Steve, at least you weren't like the people in CO last year who thought they drew deer tags per the backdoor, but the CPW did a big "OOPS" and recalled everything, redid the draw. They accidentally forgot to include NRs in the tag allocations for each unit.


From: sethosu
I did the same dance with the Colorado backdoor this year. Hopefully in the next few days my goat tag will be confirmed.


Half the people that applied for one of the two available bighorn sheep tags in South Dakota were mistakenly sent an email saying they were successful in the draw. I was one of them. Almost quit my job to start scouting. It's a once in a lifetime tag. I know how you feel. My wife almost called 911 based on my reaction when I read the email.

From: oldgoat
That's effing hilarious! Thank you for sharing, I know I'm in good company!

From: Eric B.
Calm down. Draw isn't for a few weeks yet . Besides I'm going to draw that tag. :-)

From: willliamtell
My heart always does a pitter-patter when I get a DFG return envelope, but aside from adding to my large and growing hunting "license" (license to do what, shoot stupid prairie dogs?) collection, I have learned to temper my reactions, at least until I get through all the April fools language. It's better to let your true "successful" reactions wash over you in waves, and defeat when it (almost) always comes doesn't taste quite as bitter.

Lol...I've been there b-4 too w/ the ID app receipt!

And I also was getting ready to quit my job when some thought I drew WY RBS via the backdoor last week...Not!

Lmao! gotta love a good laugh!

From: Shug
Good.....thats what you get for filling my bag with garbage.

From: ki-ke
It wasn't me, Michael!!!!! I swear!!

From: sticksender

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