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T Bone 14-May-15
marvelous 15-May-15
sethosu 15-May-15
T Bone 15-May-15
ElkNut 19-May-15
jbb 19-May-15
2219 28-May-15
wildwilderness 28-May-15
ElkNut 03-Feb-16
From: T Bone
Congrats on pulling a great tag! Enjoy the high country and be safe.

If any of you spot bighorn sheep while scouting or hunting, please log the location (gps if possible), and get pictures if possible.

Notify USFS biologist Chris Schultz out of the Columbine District office in Bayfield.

This is due to the domestic sheep interaction in the area and the possible disease transmittal.

Let me know if you have any questions.


From: marvelous
ok will let you know . My 3rd goat tag in g5 . Never seen a sheep yet. Will be in there for 10 plus days

From: sethosu
Does he have an email Tbobe?

From: T Bone
yes he has email.

From: ElkNut
Didn't draw with 10 weighted points this year... what gives

From: jbb
I'm one of 2 lucky non-residents that drew this tag. I'm from Wyoming and not familiar with the area. Starting to do some research and am planning a scouting trip for this summer. Any tips or advice on where to hunt or look or who to talk to? Any help is greatly appreciated.

From: 2219
I hunted it a few years ago and I can say get in shape and eliminate as much weight as possible from that pack. I went by myself and packed the goat out with all my gear. take track poles to help you keep your balance on the way out. I would never try to pack all the gear and goat out by myself again. that much weight can cause you to lose you balance. Take a partner to help with that weight coming out. Most people wont be physically able to turn around and make two trips back in the next day, and you have to bring the meat out first so if you don't take it all out at once the hide will probably rot before you get back up there. It usually rains every day up in that elevation. Take a good camera because its some of the best country you will ever see.

"10 weighted points this yea... what gives"

It is a random draw so no guarantees like the Preference Point system for deer and elk.

From: ElkNut
Not completely random as the number of weighted points do give you somewhat of an advantage. Hoping this year with 11 will be the lucky year.

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