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ki-ke 14-May-15
bghunter 14-May-15
Busta'Ribs 14-May-15
petedrummond 14-May-15
Dino 14-May-15
milnrick 14-May-15
ki-ke 18-Jun-15
drycreek 19-Jun-15
From: ki-ke
So yes, I did confirm that Rob Keibler from Fair Chase, Ltd. is alive and well and still conducting hog hunts with excellence.

We have chatted and are on our way to planning a hunt with my son and and a few buddies. Promises to be a heck of an experience!

Thanks to all those that responded to my previous, but mysteriously disappeared thread......

From: bghunter
Have a great hunt you will love it. If you have never been before try and spend some time in San Antonio and go to the Buckhorn Saloon, I think thats the name. Alot of taxidermy and if I recall is where Teddy Rooseveldt formed the rough riders.

From: Busta'Ribs

From: petedrummond

petedrummond's embedded Photo
petedrummond's embedded Photo
Beware the evil eraser!

From: Dino
That's awesome ki-ke! You will love the trip!

From: milnrick
Ki-ke, I live in New Braunfels, PM me if you need someone to show y'all around Alamo City. The Buckhorn Saloon is a great side trip, the taxidermy exhibits are must-see! The Menger Hotel's Bar, about 4 blocks from the Buckhorn is where Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders,and full of memorabilia.

From: ki-ke

PM sent!

From: drycreek
Don't forget the Alamo, and stay somewhere in the nice part of town. Lots of thieving in SA.

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