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Flagging Caribou in Quebec?
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Aubs8 14-May-15
Bou'bound 14-May-15
rtkreaper 14-May-15
bb 14-May-15
Dwitt2n 24-May-15
tundrajumper 24-May-15
bb 24-May-15
From: Aubs8
Hi folks. I've seen videos and have heard of "flagging" caribou in Newfoundland. Has anyone had experience "flagging" in Qu├ębec? Would it work during the 3rd week in August?

Thanks. Mike

From: Bou'bound
I always just stayed hidden and shot them when they walked by

From: rtkreaper
Mike, you will be up there to early for any type of rut activity. In all the years I have been up there have never heard of anyone trying flagging. If we are up at the same time and in the same camp we can give it a try. I won't be hunting my first week anyway so we'll let er rip. Rory

From: bb
I have done it many times in Newfoundland, It can work great, I have done it where I just opened up my rain coat so they can see the white liner. I would imagine it would work in Quebec however, It only works during the rut which in Quebec is usually later than most people are hunting them there.

From: Dwitt2n
24-May-15 sent......

From: tundrajumper
bb, it's flagging, not flashing

From: bb
Yeah well I get the same result either way

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