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Early season moose tactics?
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nicktrehearne 15-May-15
Truckie 15-May-15
Rick M 15-May-15
Ambush 16-May-15
Db1 16-May-15
Bou'bound 16-May-15
Canuck 17-May-15
newfielander 21-May-15
turkeyhunter 23-May-15
ridgerunnerron 24-May-15
I will be hunting moose in the early season (August) for the first time ever and was wondering if there is any methods that seem to be better than others? It is thick bush country with not a lot of opportunity to glass for them. There is some logging clear-cuts in the area but most have been replanted and are now 8-10' tall. Baiting is allowed.

Thanks for the help!!

From: Truckie
Tactics that work best for me are... Hunt for elk and you will only see moose, big moose...

From: Rick M
August is spot and stalk. Only problem is when you can't spot:) If you have water they should still be feeding on aquatics. Bad news is it will be harder to find them. Good news is that if you do they will be easier to pattern.

Where are you hunting?

From: Ambush
A bug net, high hill, good glass and a loud alarm clock.

You want to be on your vantage point as the sun is coming up.

From: Db1
Depending on where you are going.. Try finding mineral licks and set up a tree stand. They produce

From: Bou'bound
Good luck you will need it. Tough season.

From: Canuck
Our bow season in Ontario starts mid September, so not really facing your issue, BUT: for the first of our season, it can still be summer like weather, which means we hunt on the water as they will still be feeding on aquatics. We therefore hunt by canoe on rivers, paddling near shore with front person the shooter. Yes, we have shot them out of the canoe. Great way to locate cows and then hunt that area as rut kicks in. Moose come to water at noon, so it is a 3 times a day affair. Good luck,

From: newfielander

newfielander's embedded Photo
newfielander's embedded Photo
Don't get to discourage!!! This picture was taken, the last day of Aug - or the first or second of Sept!!

From: turkeyhunter
Newfielander great of the best guides in Newfoundland.

When I hunted some remote mountainous country (21 miles deep from the trailhead) in Idaho we concentrated on one of the few small lakes that was in the area. Single moose were feeding along the lake edges early and late in the day in late August. Thick country, no logging clearcuts.

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