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Help!! Need a unit in Wy for Diy
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Teeton 22-May-15
BenHuntn 22-May-15
JTreeman 22-May-15
otcWill 22-May-15
greg simon 22-May-15
Rock 22-May-15
badbull 22-May-15
Teeton 23-May-15
From: Teeton
Ok according to the Colorado backdoor I did not draw my Pronghorn tag. So I'd still like to do a pronghorn hunt this fall, but looks like I'll have to try Wyoming. I have "4 points" for Wyoming.

First I'd like to tell you how I'm planning on doing this hunt. I'm planning on driving my rv out and pull a small suv to get around in out there about a week before the season opens to scout and/or put up a blind or two.. Planning on hunting opening week of the season. My girl friend is planning on come out with me. She dose not hunt, but may sit in blind or drop me off and go do some thing with the dog/fish or what ever she wants. I'm not afraid to have to drive a 1/2 hour or more each morning to get from rv to hunting spot.

I'd don't want a outfitted hunt. The hunt will have to be on public land or walk-in area or just maybe a trespass hunt. I'd need a place to setup the rv why I'm there, blm land or so on.

Just a little about who your helping I'm not a fly by night hunter. I belong to many outdoor conservation groups including B-O-W and have been for a few years. I'm just looking for a place to hunt pronghorn this fall with a fair chance of getting a pronghorn. I know this is last minute but didn't draw Co and have only a week or so to meet the Wyoming draw dead line. Any help would be much appreciate. Ed

From: BenHuntn
Look at unit 88. Not far from Pinedale Wy. I have been with a friend that hunted it and you won't have any problem finding game.


From: JTreeman
With 4 pts you shouldn't have any problem finding a very good unit to hunt. I think you can pick a unit with good public and say 3 point historical draw and go hunt. That would give you some cushion on the point draw, and units with those points generally have plenty of public land, lope, and success rates.

Probably not the specifics you were lookig. For, but there are lots of lope, and 4 points should give you plenty of choices for a pretty damn good unit.


From: otcWill
Jim said it perfect. 4 pts in WYO is better than max pts in CO. Pick a unit that requires 2 pts or better and you'll be in the chips.

From: greg simon
Lots of goats and public land to hunt them on around Casper, plus things for your girlfriend to do. Look at units 32 and 73.

From: Rock
The Ranch I hunt on is a Tresspass fee hunt and he has land in 2 units of which one will take you 3+ points to draw and the other usually 0 points. There are Permanent Blinds already on most of the waterhole in the unit that usually requires no points and you can camp (park your RV) on the property.

From: badbull
I agree with Jim and otcWill. Colorado did you a big favor in terms of quality and quantity. You might consider terrain and therefore do some spot and stalk hunting with your girlfriend somewhat involved. Good luck.....badbull

From: Teeton
Thanks guys and please keep the info coming. I'm chatting with a guy tomorrow that has hunted Wyoming more than I have and knows it better. But please keep the info coming.. As I still don't a place nailed down.. Ed

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