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CO Moose Draw?
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Dave 27-May-15
loesshillsarcher 27-May-15
sticksender 27-May-15
Lone Bugle 27-May-15
Destroyer350 27-May-15
Bowmania 27-May-15
Flincher 28-May-15
BIGHORN 24-Jun-15
sticksender 24-Jun-15
From: Dave
I got my refund check but my draw result isn't even posted. Anybody else see their draw results online?

I got a check yesterday. I may never ever ever draw a tag in Colorado. Havent checked online

From: sticksender
Looks like they're adhering strictly to their pre-announced schedule for posting draw results this year. Probably has to do with the deer-draw foul-up last year. There have even been some guys who got tags in the mail before any draw results were posted. That'd be a nice surprise to find in the mailbox.

From: Lone Bugle
I have max points and feel like I'll never draw. Guy I know drew with 8 points last year.......

From: Destroyer350
I received my check mid last week - kinda surprised that I got it before the results came out. My wife was happy to get it back though:)

From: Bowmania
I have the max points and feel like I'll draw next year, because I got my refund this week. Didn't get a refund for elk, maybe I got lucky with Unit 2. 22 points so it would be fitting.

Yea, that outa jinx me.


From: Flincher
I received my refund check last week as well. I have max points as well. The results have not been posted yet.

What is maximum points? I am 3 and 14 at this time. I have given up on drawing a moose tag here in CO and will go to Canada in 2016.

From: sticksender
15 WP is max after this year's draw. There are still more than 700 residents with 15 WP.

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